In order to spontaneously, smoothly start the discussion of such a difficult issue like Astrology—rife with hot controversies and opinions, pro and con—we preferred to “go with the flow”, instead of taking any firm position either way. We decided to first transcribe two pages from our novel Madame D.C. Book I – Three voyages.

In this scene Emily and Annie, two close friends, visit Madame Melina, a famous soothsayer with a small storefront office in Washington Avenue of Miami Beach. Here is their dialogue:

-“Oh, Madame Melina”, Annie said. “I’m desperate—help me,”

Annie and Emily were seated at the round table of the astrologer’s studio.

-“I will…But first you must calm down a bit, dear,” Melina said, turning her attention to Emily. “Who’s this nice lady that came with you?”

-“My cousin, Emily…A Wall Street financier—she needs help too.”

-“Hi, Madame…I’ve heard so many good things of you.”

-“Hello, pleased to meet you—I’ll take care of you of course.”

-“My David has a lover,” Annie said, sobbing. “What should I do?”

-“Mmm…To defeat your enemy you must know her first…Find out where she was born, the date and what’s more important…the time of the day.”

-“It’s not a woman—”


-“It’s a travesty.” Annie twirled a strand of her blond hair and smelled it.”

-“I see…We must find her, uh, his Ascendant…Know what it is?”

-”Nothing springs to mind.” Emily said.

-“Mmm…we’re familiar with the zodiac signs of the calendar but we ignore which one was ascending at the time…That variable differentiates each one of us from someone born in the same place that day…In Greek, ‘horos’ means ‘hour’ and ‘skope’ is look—to look at the hour of the Ascendant.”

-“Oh…I didn’t know,” Emily said, “but I’ve always been curious…”

-“It’s natural for a woman to feel some curiosity,” Melina said, “Astrology connects us with our mystical dimension…For centuries patriarchal figures of authority have seared guilt complexes in our minds to control us better. Astrology re-connects women with he stars that we’re coming from. We’re small pieces of the original Big bang—we project our own source of light.”

Annie stared at her in total rapture. “Have such a way with words—”

-“Let’s start with yours,” Melina said to Emily. “Write down your date of birth with time and place. I’ll check the Carta Astral website.”

Emily wrote in a post-it note. Melina read it and started hitting the keyboard.

-“Mmm…You’re Aquarius..But your Ascendant is Leo, which makes you practical, organized…Like all the great writers or politicians. Interesting.”

-“It’s funny that you mention it, but I’m toying with the idea of a writing and political careers…Are the stars aligned in my favor, Madame?”

-“Definitely, go for it—it’s your destiny…There’s a rub though.”

Emily hunched over the table. “What?”

-“Mmm…You were born in the 3.30 and 5.30 PM time frame…You got a vibrant body but you must learn how to handle your sexuality…and you’re brewing more than one existence inside you—you’re a latter-day alchemist.”

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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