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Good evening. One of the little great discoveries we made during the forced confinement at home (and the inability to visit our favorite restos) was the Nuwave Air Fryer and Oven that we had bought at the beginning of the year. Today we decided to dabble with the Rotisserie option in order to prepare a delicious chicken for our family. Here is the machine working its way to slowly finish the cooking that we had started by boiling it in a broth with veggies. We initially shared it with our close family members in the USA, Argentina, Uruguay and Italy, speaking in Spanish.

Slowly but steadily the skin and the outer layer of meat got progressively browned while the inside stayed very juicy.

After half and hour of grilling “al spiedo”. we took the chicken out to slice it with our Japanese knife on the board.

First we cut alongside the vertebral spine (not on it) and we pried it open in half. Is it juicy enough for your taste?

Now we’ll complete the cutting process and lay the pieces on a tray, together with sides of French fries and a salad. The golden crinkles were not fried in oil, but rather cooked in the air fryer for a more healthy outcome.

Our table is ready. We welcome you to join us for a TV dinner, watching first a football game and then prize boxing.

Buon appetito!

What do you think? Please tell us.

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