Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. With great pride and pleasure, we inform you that, at long last, my dear children and myself have reunited in the past few days, after several months of forced Social Distancing due to this terrible pandemic. We have enjoyed great moments together, catching up on family gossip, finding out about their latest study and work projects, watching some TV together and, of course, sitting down for a leisure meal in our shaded garden patio.

We chose the catering service of “El Rincón Asturiano” to get paella de mariscos, pulpo a la gallega and croquetas.

In the past few months, we have hardly ordered food and we never went out to a restaurant or bar for a snack. However, the recent vaccination with the Pfizer product and the presence of our dear daughter in Miami changed it.

Thank you God Almighty for allowing us to enjoy the company of our dear children for a little bit longer!!!!

Bon apétit!

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