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Good morning. Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day to honor the heavenly creatures that give us life, nurture us, love us and guide us with their great wisdom. What better example than our daughter Noël Marie?

Thank you God Almighty for granting us (her mother and myself) the privilege of such a blessed child.

However, wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of honoring our women just this day of the year, we do it every day of our lives? We include below an excerpt of our upcoming book Emotional Frustration – the hushed plague  where we emphatically make this point. We should come out of this terrible pandemic with the firm determination to do right with the ones that have shouldered the heaviest burden in these trying times of cruel Social Distancing. Women.

“If we want them not to be distracted by their disgusting social stereotypes, then we must fight on for a total reconsideration of our civic interactions.

If we want them not to be distracted by the gender inequality in benefits, then we must demand a just compensation inside and outside their homes.

If we want them not to be distracted by the disgusting lack of childcare, then we must mobilize for a much better re-distribution of social wealth.

If we want them not to be distracted by the appalling legacies of racism, then we must override the toxic environmental primes and use better cues.

If we want them not to be distracted by the brutalizing family obligations, then we must pick up more slack at home with child rearing and hygiene,

If we want them not to be distracted when we are ready for ardent love, then we must sit down with them to discuss any aspect of our bonding.

If we want them not to be distracted by the foolishness of our tantrums, then we must shoulder our fairer load at home and outside with a smile.”

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.



4 thoughts on “Celebrating International Women’s Day

  1. Wonderful recognition for all women alike ! Very interesting excerpts from your book, it shows very progressive thinking ! The plea of women has been stark — we still don’t have an Equal Rights Amendments based on sex in this country, which is an abysmal fact that should be remanded ASAP. Thank you for your encouraging words, Dad. As always you are shedding light on the path forward of educated and independent women like your daughter. Un grosso baccione. A posto.

    1. Good afternoon, dear. Your mother and I have strived to educate you as an independent woman that is not afraid to compete against anybody. Thank you for complementing our book. We wrote it with your sweet image right in front of our eyes to give us the much needed strength. Un altro baccione.

  2. Wow! What a great article Dad, I completely agree. We should honor the women in our lives everyday not just today, Grande la Noe y Mama. They’re the best girls anybody could ever ask for. Un grosso baccione per le due grande femine di nostra vita.

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