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Good morning. Yesterday, May 12th, we celebrated the International Day of Nursing, our dearest hard-working and irreplaceable colleagues in the acute and chronic care of our sick fellow citizens. This date has been chosen because Florence Nightingale, a British social reformer, statistician and founder of Modern Nursing, was born on May 12, 1820; during the Crimean War, she visited the field at night, armed with a famous lamp, looking for wounded soldiers for transport to a hospital.

Note. This image was taken from Wikimedia Images.

During our English studies in the Instituto Cultural Anglo-Uruguayo of Montevideo, Uruguay, we read and appreciated an article about the courageous woman, dubbed as The Lady with a Lamp. In our later studies of Medicine, we came to appreciate the nurses’ abnegation and professionalism.  Moreover, one of the biggest lessons of this terrible pandemic, is that our precious  nursing staff played a pivotal role in the care and comfort of countless victims worldwide; oftentimes the very last human presence that a dying person had was a nurse holding hands in a last adieu to this world.

We picture the last moments of our dear Uncle José Luis with that uniquely affectionate comfort. Thank you very much for so much love and dedication for Mankind. Let us not ever forget that.

Have a nice day, dear nurses.

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