Hi to all my readers and fans. It has been pretty hectic studying a ton of course material for my degree in Creative Writing at Florida State University (FSU) Hopefully we will be done by the Fall. Let me show my funny attire when I participated yesterday in the Zoom Mike Stand-Up Comedy contest in New York City. Promise to keep you posted of my future virtual and physical appearances.

In the meantime, stay cool and don’t give me an attitude, bros and sis. Especially the latter. The cute béret that I am wearing in this picture was loaned by my friend Steven who served in the British Army. The insignia of the bald double-headed eagle is distinctive of the Mercian Regiment, named in honor of the old Anglo-Saxon Kingdom in the middle of the island. God Save the Queen.


2 thoughts on “Don’t give me a bloody attitude mate!

  1. Wow. Thanks for uploading my latest blog and pictures Dad; you’re certainly my number one fan. Thank you very much for helping my budding comedy and cinema career in so many ways, You are always behind me, mentoring my learning and encouraging me all the way through. Te quiero viejo.

    1. Good morning and thanks for your commentary, Giani. Your close family is and will always be by your side in your artistic endeavors. Yo tambien te quiero mucho mijo. Forza. Avanti!

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