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Good morning and Happy Sunday. Today we decided that we were going to take it super-easy and for once not dabble with the kitchenware, like we regularly do on Sundays for the family’s meal. What should we do? Thinkie…Thinkie…How about if we order from the fabulous Bariloche Bakery?

Voilà! We called them and their dearest chef-manager Ms. Alba prepared us this Torta Pasqualina. 

This spinach and eggs pie is a staple of Italian cooking, first invented in the Liguria region. Italian homemakers prepare it for Easter, trying to achieve  33 layers of dough (the age of Jesus Christ) Our dear grandmother Yolanda Musciello prepared us the very best pies that we have ever tasted. However, Ms. Alba, aided by our firm mentoring and her strong desire to improve herself, is coming very close. First she did awful pies with soggy vegetables, overcooked eggs, undercooked dough…. But slowly and steadily she learned to prepare delicious pies with a certain saveur du terroir.

Pictured on the right is Alba, with her tagliarini and meatballs. (I’m afraid I am creating a Monster)  Aside from any joking, she is the perfect example of the powerful bearings of Italian culture and traditions, which can be rightly incorporated by anyone that has the determination to learn them. Like the Hindu tradition, the Italian one is based in much more than a language. It is a way of life. And delicious food and relaxed table conversations have always been an integral part of the whole.

The pasqualina has been sliced up and we reserved this succulent portion for you. Buon appetito!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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