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Good morning and Happy Sunday. Toady we celebrate Independence day in the United States of America, our national holiday. For all those of us who had immigrated at a very young age to work, study and have a family here, this is a day of recognition for all the numerous blessings we have received. Of course, it is not a perfect society and still has many social and economic disparities. However, it is still a country of laws, which enable us to dream about equal opportunities for all. The image of our American-born children, Noël Marie and Gian Luca, represents all that is good here.

Our daughter was visiting San Francisco, and sent us this selfie taken at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Our son is posing at the entrance of our Miami apartment. See the film posters adorning the walls?

This is what we treasure about this country: the chance to bequeath them plenty of opportunities and civic freedom . We believe it should be renamed as the Unique United States of America.

God Bless America!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

What do you think? Please tell us.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July

  1. Happy 4th of July , Dad. Giani and I are very grateful to Mom and you for having done the great sentimental, family and economic efforts to emigrate to a new country and adventurous life. We do believe that it eventually paid off for all of us. God Bless our Unique United States of America, as you say.

  2. Happy Fourth of July! I also have 3 grandchildren born here! And now more than ever, am very grateful to God for having brought me to this great Country 39 years ago! I recognized what freedom and honest work means and everyday, I pray for USA 🇺🇸
    Thanks to all the Patriots and Veterans who have dedicated and offered their lives to build a free Country on solid moral principles, hard work, pride, and true love for their country. I feel proud of being an American Citizen!

    1. Good morning , Happy Sunday and Happy Fourth of July. Yes, we are very proud of having immigrated here and making a good life with plenty of social and economic opportunities. Un baccione. Arrivederci.

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