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Buenos días. Hoy 7 de Agosto celebramos el Día de San Cayetano, santo patrono del pan y del trabajo para millones de creyentes, sobretodo en el Río de La Plata. En Italia, el mismos santo es conocido con el nombre de San Gaetano, y cumple un rol  similar para el pueblo. Muchas gracias.

Above you can see two pictures of the upper frame of the desk we are using right now to write. The image of San Cayetano, and its symbolic linkage with the wheat used to make bread, hangs above. Moreover, we have an academic association with the real person who later became a saint, as he studied Theology in the Università di Padova where we did some of the studies for our Doctorate.

Who was the first person that introduced us to him? Our dear Mother Gladys took us many times to attend mass in his dedicated church in the Buceo neighborhood of Montevideo. Gracias Mamita!

San Cayetano, dános paz, pan y trabajo!

Sigan distanciado(a)s. Sigan protegido(a)s. Sigan bello(a)s.

Que les parece? DÍgannos.

No me dejen solo.

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