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Good morning to you. In this era of digitalized information sources for millions of citizens, a cliché gets transmitted through multiple platforms, without checking the veracity of its content or source. While we are preparing our first podcast ( we had some trial runs with audio of previous blogs) we heard again a false attribution of the following sentence (very catch indeed) to Benito Mussolini.

É meglio vivere un giorno da leone che cent’anni da pecora”

(Better to live a day like a lion than a hundred years like a sheep)

The latest insult to our cultural baggage came from a cavalier Ms. Jessica Bossi ( a rather talented and beautiful lady, may we confess) in the program of Jorge Lanata in Radio Mitre of Buenos Aires.

Dear Jessica, that was not invented by Il Duce, who had a very limited mindset, like all fascists. It was a graffitti painted with bleach on a crumbled countryside wall by an anonymous Italian soldier, after the Battle of the Piave, where our dear ancestors fought and defeated the Austrian Army in 1918. This misattribution was also pronounced by a former American President in many of his rallies.

In our new book Emotional Frustration – the Hushed Plague we discuss these dangerous foibles. Once someone in the global media utters a false message, it might be immediately picked up by other outlets, without ever checking it up, and gets repeated by an never-ending lineup of parrots.

Note. This image was taken from Wikimedia Commons.

In our novel Madame D.C. – Three Voyages, we pay special attention to that battle because one of the important secondary character, an eel-man, helps the Austrian dragoons cross the River.  In fair exchange for being saved from drowning, they must stay camping at the shores of the Piave River and ready to help any person in distress there; only then can they cross into “the other world.”

É vabbuo!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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