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Good evening and Happy Sunday to you all. Today we decided to prepare a saucy pasta with two superb Yellowfin Tuna steaks that we purchased yesterday in our magnificent Whole Foods store.

When we spotted that offer in the Fresh Fish section, we decided to pair it with a Bechamel sauce with plenty of walnuts, pistacchios and dates. Why? Because, in honor of the great variety and sophistication at reasonable prices of that store, we wanted to give it a signature Byzantine flair. 

Looking at that pair of tuna fillets riding together, an image of the Knights Templars burst forth.

Note. This image was taken from Wikimedia Commons. By JoJan – Own work – own photo, CC BY 3.0,

It is not in the official History books but it t was popular knowledge at the time that when these defenders of the Christian faith roamed in the Holy Land, oftentimes two chevaliers sat together, one behind the other one, so the one in the back could use the bow and arrows, something the Huns invented a few centuries before. Why has it been camouflaged? Surely because the Roman Curia and the Pope frowned on that skill learned from the barbarians that almost conquered Europe.

This is how the tuna steaks turned out to look like , after 10 minutes of grilling in our air fryer.

Now it is time to prepare the Salsa Bechamela with all the added ingredients: nutmeg, pistacchios, walnuts, dates and some parmesan cheese to solidify the flavor with a pinch of saltiness. 

Now we prepare the gnocchi separately and, once they had boiled we gently dump them in La Bestia, together with the Yellowfin Tuna steaks and the Bechamela sauce. Voilà!

Buon appetito!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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3 thoughts on “Buona domenica con una gnocchiatta ed tono alla Cavalieri Templari

    1. WTF? La Pruritosa Iberica se le animo a la Lengua de Shakespeare? Ah no….Esto si que no es posiblel!!! Thank you very much for your commentary, dear BR.

    2. No te preocupes que cuando te visitemos, con mi hijo Gian Luca te la vamos a preparar en tu casa. El unico problema es que vamos a armar flor de kilombo en tu cocina che. Un baccione. Arrivederci,

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