Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. Our son Gian Luca has scornfully criticized us for travelling perhaps a little too much down what the dubs as Memory Lane, which is the assortment of memories we carry around. He has occasionally sneered at the assortment of small and medium sized pictures that we have displayed in the book shelf right in front where our work station is located. Here is that view:

From your left hand side to your right one, you can see the following:

a) The beautiful icon of Saint Anthony and the Black Madonna that we acquired in Saint Anthony’s cathedral in Padova many years ago.

b) A picture of our late father Mario holding our daughter Noel Marie ( I am the guy on the right) in the rooftop restaurant of the Victoria Plaza Hotel (now renamed as Ramada Inn) in Montevideo.

c) A picture of our daughter’s baby shower in the Casa Juancho restaurant in Miami, with our late grandmother Yolanda and our late mother Gladys flanking me on the right and left respectively.

d) The cross of Jesus Christ right in front of us, just in case anyone has any doubts about our faith.

These pictures do bring sweet and sour memories and a sense of longing, which is perfectly fine. We are shaped and influenced by the significant persons in our lives and the moments shared together. Right where we have been studying and writing for so many years, they inspire us to keep going.

Let us confess something. Tired of his sneering, we decided to double down a few minutes ago. We put a picture of him when he was a cute one year old and our daughter Noël Marie holding a doll.

Because for us, mothers and fathers, whether our children like it or not, they will forever be our babies.

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

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