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Sadly last Saturday, when we innocently went to buy a new Motorola phone in the Metro PCS store located in Calle Ocho and 13 Avenue of Miami, a villainous clerk and a disloyal assistant went in cahoots to screw us in the needed transfer of the stored Whatsapp data content to the new device. We lost forever the precious family data, including the one from our late uncle José Luis Garbarino. Aren’t they supposed to protect the memories of a long-standing client like us? Apparently not.

This tragic incident is emblematic, not only of the sheer irresponsibility of many (but not all, thank God) individuals in this Banana Republic of South Florida, but also of the rising Lack of Empathy that plagues our society. It is not a small coincidence that it happened in a store selling phones because. as we have discussed in our new book Emotional Frustration – the Hushed Plague, there is a Trolling Toll of Technology that has soiled and worsened our core inter-personal relationships.

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Note. In our podcast we wrongly identified Verizon as the parent company of Metro PCS. We later found out that it is really T-Mobile. We are sorry for this unintended mistake.

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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