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Good afternoon and Happy Sunday. Today we woke up missing Tony Soprano, the central character in The Sopranos, the very best series in American television according to all our family members. Once we prepared gnocchi in honor of Tony but today we decided to wildly double down. Capeesh?

Note. This reproduction of an image of Tony Soprano was taken from Wikimedia Commons.

We wanted to use the magnificent fresh pasta of Mr. Pasta and we chose one pound of multicolor tagliarini (please don’t call them spaghetti because that blasphemy makes us cringe with horror) We are going to prepare a tomato sauce with strained and fresh San Marzano produce, add onions and red peppers sautée in olive oil and honey, topped with plenty of sensuale salciccia alla griglia, a pound of cooked ground beef and crowned with the unique pistachios. Mà che cosa ne pensi?

It seems that Tony himself took out most of the veggies, except the tomatoes. Are you surprised ?

This is how it looks like. You are cordially invited to join us for plenty of cibo and conversazione. Did you know that this word comes from verso in Latin, the language of our ancestors? The Romans use it to mean turn over, keep turning, and by extension to turn over in mind, to meditate. The addition of con gives the idea that you are engaging in that action with company, never alone. Therein lies the true significance of sharing a good meal while we chat with friends and family: we are exchanging ideas, feelings, concerns, fears, hopes. etc. Briefly we are sharing Life itself….Avete capito, si o no?

Would Tony and his pals of Bada Bing have liked this succulently meaty exercise? Fuggedaboutit!

Buon appetito!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

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