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Good morning. It has been a year already since Tabaré Vázquez, one of the very best presidents of the República Oriental del Uruguay, passed away in the middle of this protracted, awful pandemic. He is being sorely missed by the middle and lower classes of nuestro paísito, as we call our country. The day of his passing we wrote an article and put up a nice picture of his always smiling face.

We just heard in Radio Montecarlo that there will be a parade of 82 horse-mounting-gauchos in his honor, starting in the Rural del Prado and ending up in Plaza Lafone, as he was the first president to offer the possibility of collective bargaining to the thousands of humble farm peones (hired hands) who constitute the backbone of the agricultural and cattle raising parts of the export-oriented economy. One of these farm laborers just said: “with that move, he radically changed our lives for the best.”

Moreover, his administration revamped the Public Health services nationwide and it guaranteed fair access to good medical services to all the citizenry. In fact our dear Father Mario enjoyed this privilege until the end of his earthly stay and now our brother Marcel is staying in the fully revamped Hospital Maciel of Montevideo, which was built between 1781-1788 by the Spanish colonizers. It was designed by Mateo Vidal and Francisco Maciel, a wealthy merchant who contributed with part of the needed financing. Our brother has been getting top medical care and superb nursing attention for months already.

Muchas gracias a todo el personal de este ilustre centro de salud, incluyendo a su director, Dr. Dutra.

Note. This reproduction of a picture of the Hospital Maciel was taken from Wikimedia Commons.

By Hoverfish – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Que Dios Todopoderoso te tenga en su Santa Gloria, querido compañero Tabaré Vàzquez!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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