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Good morning. For all those that do not live in the USA or people like myself that are not that quite acquainted with the tastes of so-called Middle America, the raging controversy over the scandalous posts of Joe Rogan, a former TV presenter and now podcaster, in Spotify was a little puzzling. Let me tell you that Rogan has a popular podcast shared to millions of Americans where he openly criticizes the government, the vaccination campaigns and where he apparently uttered racist epithets. Please be aware that we do not know all the circumstances and we only relay what we see on TV.  Please check the headlines in the respected newspapers and TV outlets for more information.

Putting the specific situation of Mr. Rogan aside, we must emphatically condemn, as a Minority member within a larger Minority group, any Racist Wording in the public and private media. We must remind our readers that I am a French-speaking Italian-American that was born and raised in South America and then has been living as a U.S, citizen for forty years. More mixed than this?

We also discuss the abject complicity of many actors and producers in the Entertainment Industry that put that heinous words in the mouths of Black and Hispanic dudes posing as “cool to they younger guys.” If some young boys and teenagers insolently keep repeating that disgusting word is because they lack proper civic instruction at home and schools of how to co-exist in social harmony.

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