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Good morning. Today we are celebrating the International Day of the Pizza, to remember that historic day of February 9, 1889, when the owners of Pizzeria Brandi in Naples formally introduced this pie. When Umberto I , King of Italy, and his beautiful blonde wife the Regina Margherita, visited the city, Maria Giovanna Brandi and her husband Raffaele Esposito – founders of Pizzeria Brandi- were asked to provide a novel meal in honor of the royals. In Campania, land of our ancestors, there was a long tradition of fixing some cheap flatbreads with whatever toppings the poor peasants could lay their hands on when they took a lunch break from their brutal slogging in the fertile fields.

Note. This image of Poor Italians Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island was taken from Wikimedia Commons., Public Domain,

Yes, those dirt poor but extremely proud co-nationals were the ones that really invented the simple pizza pie but the Brandis perfected it in their kitchen, for which they were asked to prepare the treat.

Note. This image of the wall plaque in the Pizzeria Brandi was taken from Wikimedia Commons.

At the palace of Capodimonte, the Brandis made a spectacular entrance by arriving in a cart pulled by a mule, which contained three varieties of the pizza, including the famous Pizza Margherita. It had the three colors of our dear National Emblem:

Note. This image of a fabulous pizza pie was taken from Pizza Rustica in Miami, Florida, USA.

a) Tomato sauce for the RED color.

b) Fresh mozzarella pieces for the WHITE color.

c) Basil leaves for the GREEN color.

Salve nostra carissima tradizione culinaria !!!

Buon appetito a tutti vuoi !!!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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5 thoughts on “Celebrating the International Day of the Pizza

  1. Good morning Dr. SAHIB,

    It was really a wonderful thinking after appraising the blog ;PIZA DAY TODAY. The descriptive narrative given herein is obviously very educative which many of us like me do not know. It is really a treat going through the writeup, the origin of piza and the contents which it contained.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such a essay on PIZA.

    With warm regards


    1. I am glad you liked it, my dear Brahminic instructor across the Oceans.So next time you visit your grandson in London you can tell him this story while you enjoy a slice of delicious pizza with him when you pick him up after school. A big hug.

      1. Good morning Dr. Sahib,

        Whenever I get chance visiting England, I shall tell him about your write up on PIZZA of which he is very fond of. along with its history of its origin.


      2. Ha HA HA. All kids love pizza nd burgers. We shall let them have a reasonable access, without diminishing the healthy homely cooking. It is a fact of life for modern fathers and grandfathers. A big hug.

      3. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

        I talked with my grand son and conveyed him the origin of PIZZA. He was curious to know about it all since he loves PIZZA.


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