Dear readers, listeners and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. They informed us that our new book Emotional Frustration – the Hushed Plague has won the top prize, the Five Stars Review, in the prestigious Readers View Awards contest.

The final list of winners will be posted in their website in March 2022. Keep checking it for our name.

Thank you very much for the distinguished jury of this prestigious Literary contest in the USA.

Thank you very much for our readers, listeners and fellow bloggers for helping to achieve this.

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

What do you think? Please tell us.

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4 thoughts on “Our new podcast “We won the Five Stars Review from Reader Views” is Live

  1. First of all, please accept my heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS for receiving TOP AWARD, The Five Stars Review on the Book titled: EMOTIONAL FRUSTRATION THE HUSHED PLAGUE.

    In essence, this book contains all the finer characteristics which are prerequisites which have to bring huge dividends to the author coupled with the gain to the readers who would gain not merely knowledge about new sets of phraseology, finetuned diction, along with use of medical terminology to enhance the knowhow of the avid readers.

    This book is so absorbing that the readers would, perforce, would like to latch on to the book he/she is reading till he/she knows ‘what happens next’. This continues till the end of the book. After appraising the whole lot of book, the reader would gain history, geography, anatomy of our body, peep into the various characters in the book with different spheres of professions and attainments but also gain insights how best to enhance the focus by knowing things which are hitherto not been found in any other book!

    The above truth I can say with authority since I’ve personally appraised the book in its entirety and have gained much from the enlightening and insightful contents.

    Sure enough, this book by the author will fetch him many accolades and recognition which it deserves. Sure enough, this book of yours will bring you more laurels in the days to come.




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