“Écrire c’est réclamer la liberté pour tous les hommes” Jean Paul Sartre

(Writing consists in demanding freedom for all Mankind)

Dear readers, listeners and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. After dedicating all our efforts to edit yet again the manuscript of our new book Emotional Frustration – the Hushed Plague we will resume our blogging and podcasting duties. And we use expressly the work “duty” because in these terrible times when the Ukrainian Nation has been invaded by the barbaric Russian Armed Forces, we, the writers, have the duty to speak up.

Our literary hero Jean Paul Sartre did not sit out the Nazi occupation of France but joined the Résistance to participate in its public relations and propaganda efforts, which was a very dangerous choice at the time. his companions said that he was always eager to help in any way he could. This political compromise continued throughout his public career, from denouncing the use of torture by the Occupying French Army in Algeria to the use of Napalm by the American Army in Vietnam.

Note. This reproduction of a 1965 image of Jean Paul Sartre was taken from Wikimedia Commons.

When the May 1968 insurrection raged through the streets of Paris, Sartre, who had become a Maoist while he was teaching at La Sorbonne, was conspicuous in almost all the manifestations. The government of Général De Gaulle was constantly irritated by the famous writer’s high public profile, which attracted the attention of all the major international news and media outlets. One day one of his ministers suggested that he should arrest Sartre for sedition. After demurring, he said:

“On n’enferme pas Voltaire.”

( We cannot imprison Voltaire)

We the writers have a sacred duty to always defend the freedom of all the rest of Humanity. We cannot stay silent in the face of the daily atrocities perpetrated against innocent Ukrainian women and children by the unruly, undisciplined and unhinged Russian soldiers in this War of Aggression.

Speak out against the barbaric Russian Invasion of Ukraine in all the World’s intellectual forums.

Speak clear. Speak firm. Speak loud.

Long Live Ukraine.

No pasarán !!!

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

3 thoughts on “Sacred Duty of Writers


    Affirmative, the writers has a duty to bring to the fore the inhuman treatment meted out to humans in different parts of globe and presently the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is really has crossed all degrees of decency, barbaric act of bombing hapless civilians including children and old people. Things stands out that this war is being fueled on one pretext or other; Bombing and missile attacks continues causing death and destruction all around in Ukraine..

    UNO has not been able to do anything tangible to stop the ongoing war and the imposition of sanction, I think, may or may not help matters since many countries including EU countries are dependent on Russia for their energy requirement.

    In essence, the writers should expose the ongoing war which seemingly is showing no abating. Only sagacious approach can help in this context.

    When nothing works hope that God’s intervention will work fine. I sincerely pray for the good health and wellness of the Ukrainians.

    With warm regards,


    1. Good morning and thank you for your nice commentary, my dear Brahminic mentor across the Oceans. We do understand the political prudence of the Modi government because it has to safeguard the safety interests of the Indian Nation first. We must always remember that Pakistan, which is a democracy in name only, is always ready to exploit “any Indian weakness” to start pandering to the numerous nationalistic and fanatical religious zealots in their midst that try to camouflage the political corruption and miserly living conditions of the greater part of their population. India needs a working military relationship with Russia. It is a fact of life. But that does not mean that honest Indian intellectuals like you, should be barred from expressing their opinions in a functioning democratic society where Freedom of Speech does exist. Your country is the oldest surviving democracy of this planet but I am afraid they should keep this balancing act.
      Long Live Ukraine.
      Long Live India.
      A big hug. Arrivederci.

      1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

        We are democratic in thought and action and have freedom to express ourselves in the way we feel; within the framework of my freedom of expression as given by our constitution.

        India has an independent foreign policy freedom. India has remained non aligned but it has also its independence of thinking without being against to none but saying a spade a spade when it comes to perpetration of violence in any part of world.

        Your commentary is really inspiring.

        With warm regards,


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