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Good afternoon. We just uploaded our new podcast “The concept of Evil part I” , which is now Live. For the past years we have been debating if Evil does exist after we learn,  sadly yet again , of another senseless act of violence in either the public and privates spaces. Our son Gian Luca wrote a great section titled “Media and Violence” in our book Emotional Frustration- the Hushed Plague.

The barbaric Russian invasion of Ukraine has shown us images of a terrible slaughter of innocent women, children and the elderly in Ukrainian villages and cities, something that had not been seen in Europe since the Nazi atrocities in World War II against the inhabitants of their occupied territories. How can this raw scourge of Antiquity have befallen on the Ukrainian Nation in our times, the supposedly connected and enlightened 21st century?

We must urgently re-visit the concept of Evil because it has been used off-handedly too many times to camouflage our ignorance of what were the motives of the perpetrators of these vile acts. We will divide our exposé, separating the classic concepts of Evil from the more modern ones. We  used as reference the great essay The concept of Evil from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

We hope you like our humble podcast (certainly we cannot say you can “enjoy” this theme) and if you have any critiques or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

Stay distant. Stay safe, Stay beautiful.

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