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Good morning. Yesterday we discovered a letter in our mail stack that somehow had been overlooked and pushed to the bottom of the pile. How preposterous! It was a thank you letter graciously written by none other than President Joseph Biden himself on October 26, 2021 , which arrived at approximately the time of our birthday on November 5th, 2021.

In Mid- October we had sent several copies of our book duly dedicated and signed to some notables in this country and abroad. We felt that thanks to the efforts of the Biden/Harris administration, we had been able to get the Pfizer vaccines on time, sparing us from certain Death if we had been infected in the street or taking care of our patients.

President Biden starts his letter like this: ” Thank you for sending such a thoughtful gift. I greatly appreciate the warm welcome you and so many of our fellow Americans have extended to me and my family.”

Then he proceeds to explain why we have to set aside our differences to face challenges. What really moved us was that he seemed to have picked up a concept that we used in our letter. We told him that we were proud to live in the Unique United States of America. He said: “If we look ahead in our uniquely American way and set our sights on the Nation we know we can be, we will meet this moment.” If I am dreaming, please don’t wake me up.

He finished his missive by thanking us again for our gift. And he expressed a personal wish. “I look forward to writing the next great chapter in the American story with you.”

Count with us, President Joseph Biden to keep working for the greatness of the UUSA.

Thank you for that fabulous birthday gift that you sent us last November.

Note. Vice-President Kamala Harris has not sent us a thank you note yet. Women !!!

God Bless the Unique United States of America!!!

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

5 thoughts on “You are welcome, President Joe Biden !!!


    An excellent return gift for sending your priceless books. The reply by the Hon’ble President was really both inspiring and pleasing.



    1. Good morning and Happy Sunday, my dear Brahminic instructor across the Oceans. Thank you very much for your kind and precise commentary , full of Positivity as always. My regards to your wife. A big hug. Arrivederci.

      1. My God, a multifaceted person like you should not say such a thing. Your place is at the highest pedestal. Women should have loved your presence; as a partner, as a companion and above all as a wife!



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