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Good morning. Today we are starting to edit the latest version of Emotional Frustration – the Hushed Plague, which will be used as a demo to peddle it to the major publishing houses. In order to energize us for such a big task, we decided to prepare something very simple yet full of stamina. we decided to use the tasty Jack Daniel’s pulled pork and the luscious burrata cheese to give it a unique flavor. We used the following ingredients bought at the stupendous Mary Brickell Village Publix store:

We first have to cook the pork on a pan with a little olive oil and at medium height of the stove like this.

Once the pork is heated (not burned please) you place the ball of burrata cheese in the middle so it slowly heats up from inside. Then you cut a cross on top of it, as follows.


The final version will be deliciously glooey.  It is advisable to let it stand in the freezer for two or three hours before preparing nice sandwiches for the whole family.

Buon appetito!!!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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