List of contents


  1. The hushed plague
  2. It’s not only about sex
  3. It’s not only about money
  4. The trolling toll of Technology
  5. Understanding the family system
  6. The modern sweatshop
  7. The Mbarane phenomenon
  8. The “French” way of parenting
  9. The taken-for-granted trooper
  10. The digital trap
  11. The sex object
  12. The gone son
  13. The “forbidden” affair
  14. The “forbidden” fantasies
  15. The menage a trois
  16. La folie a deux
  17. The lingering impostor
  18. Caring for a loved one
  19. The distracted daughter
  20. The bad negotiator
  21. The noisy charade
  22. Female bonding
  23. Dating a married man
  24. The company of one
  25. The material girl
  26. The NotMom woman
  27. The jealous partner
  28. The unfaithful partner
  29. The financial infidelity
  30. The single Mom
  31. The “shameful” lubrication
  32. The sexual fears
  33. The obnoxious mother-in-law
  34. The psychic drivel
  35. The loose cannon on deck
  36. Waiting for Prince Charming
  37. The compulsive shopper
  38. The virtual rival
  39. What she doesn’t like in sex
  40. The sleepwalker
  41. The hopeless struggle
  42. The secret trigger
  43. The social stalker
  44. The gigolo
  45. Trapped by the trappings of Love
  46. The red thread of Fate
  47. She likes it too
  48. The virtual misogyny
  49. Dating her friend’s Ex
  50. The manly rebellion
  51. The office romance
  52. Men losing their desire
  53. The dating apps
  54. The surrogate family
  55. The swinging couple
  56. Dating a younger man
  57. The “shameful” menstruation
  58. The fat girl
  59. Crying alone in the bathroom
  60. The compulsive gambler
  61. The Impossible Love
  62. Il ricambio di cuore
  63. The histrionic partner
  64. The painful coitus
  65. Too big for a 140
  66. The emotional dependence
  67. Being fabulously single
  68. The excited executive
  69. She wants him back
  70. The cordial cohabitation
  71. Friends with benefits
  72. Yours, mine, ours
  73. Bodily image and self-esteem
  74. Toxic feelings of guilt
  75. Addicted to sex
  76. The sex toys
  77. The cyber chantage
  78. L’abus au petit feu
  79. Keeping the marital flame alive
  80. Is it really my fault?


  1. New cures for Headaches
  2. Saving precious minutes for Stroke patients
  3. New indications for Botox
  4. Are statins better for hypertension?
  5. Markers for Alzheimer’s disease
  6. What is the Orthorexia Nervosa?
  7. Epilepsy and Autism
  8. New cures for Alzheimer’s disease
  9. The need for physical exercise
  10. Light your area 55b up
  11. The need for yoga
  12. The need for good sleep
  13. The risk of stroke in TAVI
  14. An in vivo biomarker for brain injury
  15. Are anti-psychotics safe for the elderly?
  16. Is rest necessary after a sports concussion?
  17. Is endovascular therapy useful in stroke?
  18. Prevention of diabetic neuropathy
  19. The need for sex
  20. New focus in Alzheimer’s research
  21. CDC report on opioids
  22. Prevention of Migraines
  23. Is gene editing dangerous?
  24. Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis
  25. Neuromodulation for Migraines
  26. Concussions and Multiple Sclerosis
  27. Smoke cessation and Stroke
  28. The “broken heart” syndrome
  29. A new test for Alzheimer’s Disease
  30. Yoga and exercise in early Parkinson’s disease
  31. Botox for Chronic Migraines
  32. Hearing loss and cognitive decline
  33. A new drug for progressive Multiple Sclerosis
  34. Drug overdose and suicide in Epilepsy
  35. A rehab therapy useful for MS
  36. The nutritional value of Moringa


  1. The economic downturn and cancer mortality
  2. The Trans also exist
  3. The forgotten Americans
  4. The immunization inequity
  5. Antibiotic resistance in neonatal sepsis
  6. Adolescent smoking in developing countries
  7. The Medicaid coverage gap
  8. The Health Care personnel shortage
  9. The risks of drug trials
  10. Mass deworming in developing countries
  11. A CDC for Africa
  12. Need for community health workers
  13. Global patient safety
  14. Stop this vile abuse of the poor in the BRSF
  15. End of the cholera pandemic?
  16. Tuberculosis and HIV
  17. The PURE study
  18. Aporophobia
  19. Medical kits for prenatal care
  20. Disparities in access to Palliative Care
  21. Reform at the NHS England


  1. What is the I Ching?
  2. Feng shui of foods
  3. Ilex paraguarensis
  4. Understanding the Kamasutra
  5. Acupuncture in Migraine
  6. Cannabis in Parkinson’s disease
  7. Cannabis in Multiple Sclerosis
  8. Cannabis in Epilepsy
  9. Cannabis in PTSD – Part I
  10. Cannabis in PTSD – Part II
  11. Cannabis in Parkinson’s disease – Part II
  12. Arnica
  13. Clinical challenges in transitioning
  14. Cannabis in Lenox Gastaut syndrome
  15. Pain and mindfulness in Multiple Sclerosis
  16. Farmacia Homeopatica Italiana
  17. Cannabis in Epilepsy – Part II
  18. Cannabinoid research is stalled by red tape  


  1. Thank you Miguel
  2. C’est parti
  3. She is here!
  4. Being a snob
  5. Happy New Year!
  6. The limping pig
  7. Born a rebel
  8. The first blogger
  9. Thank you readers and bloggers
  10. Happy Birthday
  11. 75th anniversary of “Casablanca”
  12. Happy “Day of the physician”
  13. The first man that listened to women
  14. Il Panettone
  15. La Befana
  16. Happy New Year
  17. The seer of Seattle
  18. The “hand of God”
  19. The visionary of Trinidad
  20. Our valiant emissary to the Dark Side
  21. Congratulations to our two award-winning film-makers
  22. Merci beaucoup, Antoine Doinel
  23. Congratulations to the film’s cast and crew
  24. Cous-cous will pull us through the last leg of our journey
  25. Emma came to visit us in a dream
  26. C’est parti
  27. Thank you God Almighty
  28. Two God-given gifts
  29. The USCO certficate for “Emotional Frustration-the hushed plague” has arrived
  30. Celebrating the book’s completion with my two fabulous kids
  31. Sending an excerpt of my book to Speaker Nancy Pelosi
  32. Offerings to our Departed souls (Pitras)
  33. Our inspirational Light returned
  34. The Italian tradition of eating gnocchi on the 29th of each month
  35. Have a great Day of Atonement
  36. Happy birthday dear John
  37. Eppur Cristoforo e arrivato
  38. Bon anniversaire Joseph Antoine Ferdinand


  1. Is the BRSF prepared for Zika’s arrival?
  2. The linkage with Guillain Barre syndrome
  3. The D.C. duncehood
  4. Need for a surveillance system
  5. CDC update on infants with Zika


  1. Prof. Carlos Morosoli
  2. Dr. Walter Ghedin
  3. Dottoressa Dilia
  4. Catherine Da Silva
  5. Dr. Walter Ghedin-2
  6. Ibrahima Bah
  7. Phicklephilly


1. First Southeast Cannabis Conference


  1. The virtues of failure

J – Supernatural, Superstition and She

  1. Born into the convulsed celebration of Samhain
  2. The mystic wanderer – part I  

3 thoughts on “List of contents

  1. The credential of the author are really impressive. If we read between the lines, the topic (VALUE OF FAILURE) itself creates ignites curiosity in us, to appraise and introspect, if anything contained is relevant to us. If yes, we can emulate the same and benefit from the same.
    Failure and success are the two sides of the same coin. If our efforts results in failure, we certainly feel, but it should never be forgotten that there is no smooth sailing. Impediments and pin-pricks are always there. We can make still more sincere effort(s). Our failings should not be construed as failings due to our capability or capacity to assimilate but maybe it is due to some extraneous circumstances beyond our control which we can overcome with experience of our ‘failure(s)’. Failure hardly means we cannot try again; trial and error method has proven that errors could be minimized in a few trials and obliterated totally by getting experience. If we ponder about the lives of great men who left their footprint in the annals of history goes to prove that they failure did not deter them to try-try again till success knocked their doors.
    It is true that everybody like to be successful but when it is otherwise, it should not be taken as mission failure but a temporary hiccup and spur us for more efforts. The way the ‘failure’ is construed in ‘Silicon Valley’ and how the person concerned gets branded is really disheartening.
    In Bhagwad Gita it has been clearly said: We should not get disturbed in life due to success or failure in it. We should remain calm at mind in all circumstances.
    Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita has very eloquently said: We should not get disturbed in life due to success or failure in it. We should remain calm at mind in all circumstances. Perform your duty equi-poised, O Arjuna, abandoning all attachment to success or failure. Such an equanimity is called yoga.
    Let there be failures in our lives, these should not deter us but should provide us the tools and experiences for not repeating the things due to which we failed. In fact in a ‘crisis’ situation, there is always a silver lining – an opportunity is always there. Need is to explore possibility of trying again for new opening and then the reality dawns. We should never over-awed by the ‘crisis’ but we should not lose ourselves in the bargain. If one path is filled with road-blocks, there is every possibility to take another path. For a person filled with optimism, there is always opening, another dawn.
    It should always be kept in mind that failure should not deter us for taking course correction and another ‘starting point’ could be explored. The example of Pepin in French Education is very interesting.
    The points enunciated are obviously very relevant and need to be practically used but one thing should never be forgotten that these are more relevant for smaller countries. What when countries involved are with more population and with less economical standings? The author should made deeper study and widened its scope to cover all economices – small, medium and large ones.
    Conclusively, the written material provided by the author is really very relevant and if followed with determination and with positivity can stand us in good stead. It is also a fact that FAILURE SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS FAILURE FOR GOOD but should be considered as one more challenge to be taken head-on. Fight and not fright in the face of failure then only we shall realise the true VALUE OF FAILURE. We failed because we have not put in our best so have to try again and God willing everything will fall in line for making us successful.

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