The “hand of God”

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

We are celebrating the Second Anniversary of our medical and literary page in May and we would like to thank all of you for a sustained and affectionate support for our work. My children and I are very grateful for the incredible success of this page. It would not have been possible without you snatching a few minutes out of your busy schedules to take a look at our articles and, in a some instances, even put some nice commentaries.

The image of this blog shows the extraordinary moment when Diego Maradona, the star of the 1986 Argentine football team that won the World Cup in 1986, pushes the ball with his hand past the English goalkeeper to score a decisive goal in the quarter finals. He blatantly cheated and made no apologies about it. On the contrary. When he was asked afterwards what had happened, he insolently replied: “it was the Hand of God.”

Likewise we would like to tell  you that this intellectual endeavor would not have been possible without the providential intervention of a higher authority: your kind support. Every day we sit down early in the morning to study and write at our desk, we have you in mind as we strive to provide you with a concise yet complete account of medical breakthroughs and the varied experiences of a physician practicing for more than 30 years. We might have dreamed of accomplishing this feat entirely on our own. No way. We carried on with our task because we counted on many readers and bloggers like you.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the preface of our new manuscript titled “Emotional frustration-the hushed plague”, which we are eagerly writing at present. Please read it and send us your opinion in order to steer a better course.

Thank you for all the help and attention you had granted us in these two years. We promise to continue our efforts to bring you the very best that we can offer.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave us alone.

Happy New Year

Dear friends:

After a year of long hours spent studying hard and earnestly writing for this page, it is time to take some vacation time until the beginning of March. We thank all our eager readers and loyal followers for their continued support during these months, which has emboldened us to try harder to please them.  We made new friends across the globe, who have freshly enriched our lives. I’d like to especially thank my daughter Noël Marie and my son Gian Luca whose help has been priceless to carry on this digital task.

All right. All right. We heard you. For the past few weeks we have received many email messages to our page, asking us to continue the successful series called “Emotional frustration”, which is the necessary scaffolding for the homonymous book we are writing now and hopefully finish by July 2018. It seems that many ladies really enjoy seeing in writing some of the heartfelt situations they, or a few of their girlfriends, have gone through as they sip a cup of coffee, alone in the kitchen before the household wakes up. Due to popular demand, we’ll continue it until we formally launch the book.

As we previously announced my son Gian Luca and I will start designing a videoblog series called “Cibovagabondaggio” where we will visit novel, little known restos in the USA and abroad to show you what they have to offer and how they prepare it. Also as a film and film-making enthusiast I will start to regularly blog about movies in my son’s  website.

We hope that you have a Happy Holiday Season and an auspicious start of 2018.

Until next time

Hasta la próxima

A bientôt

Vi rincrociamo

Auf wiedersehn



Happy vacations

Dear friends:

After several months of non-stop researching, studying and writing to bring the very best possible articles to this page, it is time for our team to pause. We need to rest in order to recharge our batteries and return with stamina. We will resume our writing endeavours in the beginning of September but are planning a few changes to our traditional layout for our comeback.

We always admired the British writers who published their prose in several instalments in magazines during the Victoria era; we imagined the eagerness of those beautiful, well-attired ladies who anxiously checked their mailbox. When we wrote our first article we designed it as the first piece of wood of the needed scaffolding for our second book: “Emotional frustration – the hushed plague.” As we keep ploughing on with the manuscript, that successful series will be progressively phased out until the book’s release sometime in early 2018. As its replacement we’re planning with my son Gian Luca, a promising cinematographer who has celluloid in his veins, an exciting, original video series called “Cibovagabondaggio” where we will visit some fine food and wine establishments to snoop at what they’re up to.

We hope you’ll have a pleasant summer vacation, for all of those who live in the Northern Hemisphere, and a nice winter break for those in the Southern one. The importance of a pause from work, studies and routine is paramount.

Please continue reading our articles when we all come back from vacations.

See you later!

Hasta luego!

A bientôt!

Vi rincrociamo!

Auf wiedersehn!

A most republican sale

Dear friends:

A few days ago we designed a special Kindle Countdown sale for our loyal readers in the United Kingdom, which was a resounding success. Thank you very much to all the Brits inside and outside the island that have supported us with their pounds and their eyes.

Unfortunately a few American laggards, who have not taken advantage of that great deal previously, complained that I was favoring “the royals” and sidelining “the republicans”. In  order to placate these freedom loving-spirits I just designed another Kindle Store countdown sale of my novel that will start at just U$ 0.99 on July 3rd (one day before the national celebrations) with a progressively rising price for a whole week until reaching its regular one of U$ 9.99. Don’t procrastinate and take advantage of it!

As a proud American citizen, I am most grateful for all the great gifts this land has given me, foremost of all my two children born right here. Happy Fourth of July to you all!

A most royal sale

Dear friends:

There is a privileged individual that happens to have two birthdays. Queen Elizabeth of Britain has her biological birthday on April 21st but will be officially celebrated with a big parade of the Horse Guards that has been nicknamed as “Trooping the Colour” on June 17th; it will feature more than 1,400 officers and soldiers and 400 musicians in full dress rehearsals. The London weather prodded British royalty to delay celebrations until summer.

Many readers all over the United Kingdom have been faithfully following our blogged articles ever since we started our web page in May 2016. They are a discreet bunch, hardly ever writing a commentary, but their presence is noticed when the flags of England, Wales and Scotland pop in our statistics. We would like to correspond their politeness with a special deal for our first novel: “Madame D.C. – Three voyages.”

Starting on June 12th 2017 there will be a special 1-week countdown sale of it in with an initial affordable price of 0.99 pounds sterling; every 2 days the price will slowly rise until reaching its regular one on June 19th. Don’t procrastinate and take advantage of this sale to sample our prose, share it or gift it away. We’re confident that you’ll find it unusually exciting. Thank you very much for your silent yet strong support for our writings.


Celebrating our first anniversary

Dear friends:

We started this web page and blog right before May 1st, the International Workers’ day, one year ago and we have written in earnest ever since it. Initially we designed our page to be a publicity tool for our writing endeavor but progressively we have been tackling issues well beyond a literary scope.

Your faithful reading and support has prodded us to continue researching and studying to bring you interesting, updated information on medical and sociological issues that concern the hyper-connected modern classes. We made friends all over the world and they have graced us with their feedback.

We promise to continue our work in order to bring you that information in a concise but clear way in order to reach the widest possible reader spectrum. We must especially thank Noel Marie, my daughter, and Gian Luca, my son, for their technical contributions for this page and their moral support for me.

Let’s raise our glasses with a big smile and clink them with a wish: Salud!

A most celestial sale

Dear friends:

A special day is coming up for all those of us who, like our ancestors did for thousands of years, follow closely the movement of the stars above.  On Monday March the 20th at 6.29 EDT the Vernal Equinox will materialize. At that time of the year the Sun crosses the celestial equator on its way north along the ecliptic, which will make days and nights approximately equal.

The term Equinox derives from the fusion of two Latin words; “Aequus” means “equal” and “nox” means “night.” On the Equinox the planet Earth’s two hemispheres are receiving the Sun’s rays about equally because the tilt of the Earth is zero relative to the Sun. In times of the Roman Empire, the astrologers considered it an auspicious moment to share with the loved ones; families made a sacrifice to the Sun God to foster peace and prosperity to all.

Being a proud Italian-American who has inherited the belief that the astral movements have an influence in our lives directly from my mother Gladys, I feel obliged to offer a little sacrifice to thank my most faithful blog readers. On March 20th a countdown sale of my novel “Madame D.C.-Book I” will start in the Kindle Store of the page so you can buy the book at a discounted pricing for a week, in order to read it yourself, share it with friends or give it as a present to that special person in your life.

Thank you very much for your continued support to our writing endeavours and we promise to keep striving at the laptop’s keyboard, inspired by sweet muses and battling terrible demons, all at the same time and in earnest. You are the real reason why we sit down every morning at 7 AM to start typing.  As we like to say at the end of our blogs: don’t leave me alone.