See you at Caroline’s on December 15

Dear friends: howdie from the Big Apple. You are all invited to watch our standup comedy act at the famous Caroline’s club of Time’s Square in New York City. We will post the video later.

How do I look ladies? Wish me good luck . MERDE!!!!

Greetings from Netflix is a Joke Fest in LA

Dear Bros and Sis:

Good evening (my Dad always tells us to be polite) to all my friends and fans.We are attending the Netflix is a Joke Festival with my sister in Los Angeles. We are having a fabulous time together and I am enclosing some nice shots.

And here is a remembrance of one of my favorite American Comedians: Rodney Dangerfield.

Tonight we will be attending a presentation by Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias at Dodger Stadium.

Hope you are all erie. A big kiss to all my ladies-fans and a big hug to the guys. Stay cool !!!

Howdie from Brooklyn, New York City!!!

Dear friends:

Good morning. We have recently resettled in New York City, our birthplace, to continue in earnest our Cinematography and Stand Up Comedy studies. In this picture, you see my sis Noël Marie and myself at the footsteps of the Brooklyn Courthouse where many of the scenes from Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in America were shot; the Brooklyn Bridge sits prominently in the background.

We will keep you updated about our adventures in the Big Apple. We love you. Arrivederci.

Yo we’re shooting a new picture!!!

Whassup doggies? We’re shooting a new You Tube film about Jamaican bros and here is our crew.

From left to right, there is Marty, Giordano, myself and Danny.

How do we look?

Three! Two! One! Live! Action!!!

After so much slogging, Dad treated us with a Brooklyn-style pizza and chicken wings.

Buon appetito!

As you can already guess, it is about some Jamaican dudes with a loud dispute. Stay tuned for more.

I feel eyrie, man!

New look for my stand-up comedy

Dear readers and fellow bloggers;

Good afternoon. We have had some hectic weeks with Dad preparing the publication of our new book Emotional Frustration – the hushed plague and it is time for both of us to have a little fun. Tonight I resume my stand-up comedy in a North Miami Beach club and here is my new look for it.

What a geopolitical mismatch! I am wearing the jersey of the Argentine National Basketball team and the beret of the Mercian Regiment of the British Army, which was gifted to me by a friend that served. Remember that I published a blog where I showed you how I was wearing it in FSU? Well, this combination might look like a screw-up, but I hope these countries will eventually make peace.

Its emblem is the bald headed double eagle, originally deigned in the Byzantium Empire. Very old!!!

How do I look, ladies?

Do you prefer me with or without the beard? Please let me know.

Kisses to ya’ all !!!

Don’t give me a bloody attitude mate!

Hi to all my readers and fans. It has been pretty hectic studying a ton of course material for my degree in Creative Writing at Florida State University (FSU) Hopefully we will be done by the Fall. Let me show my funny attire when I participated yesterday in the Zoom Mike Stand-Up Comedy contest in New York City. Promise to keep you posted of my future virtual and physical appearances.

In the meantime, stay cool and don’t give me an attitude, bros and sis. Especially the latter. The cute béret that I am wearing in this picture was loaned by my friend Steven who served in the British Army. The insignia of the bald double-headed eagle is distinctive of the Mercian Regiment, named in honor of the old Anglo-Saxon Kingdom in the middle of the island. God Save the Queen.


La mejor Mamá del Mundo

Queridos lectores y compañeros blogeros:

Buenas tardes. Gracias a que tenemos una Mamá cariñosa, dedicada a su familia y emprendedora, hemos aprendido a desempeñarnos en forma independiente, incluyendo manejarnos bien en la cocina para prepar platos deliciosos. Desde Mar del Plata, María Tomasa (así se llama ella) sigue muy de cerca los detalles de nuestras vidas y nos cuida.

Gracias a tus enseñanzas, me acabo de preparar este plato de pollo saltado con vegetales y frijoles negros. Yumi!

Respuesta de Mamá enviada por Whatsapp – Felicitaciones, hijito querido. Me alegro que sigas nuestra tradición familiar de cocinar en casa los domingos y compartir una mesa con buena conversación y mucho afecto nuestro. Hoy preparé este rico y saludable risotto con muchos vegetales y lo muestro sobre uno de los manteles que bordé.

Muchas gracias Mamita querida por darnos la vida, cuidarnos con tanto amor y enseñarnos a ser personas de bien.

Muchos besos de parte de tus dos hijos que, a pesar de estar un poco lejos, te siguen adorando y extrañando mucho.

Muchas gracias Mamma querida!



Once a pirate, always a pirate

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good afternoon. This picture was taken by my Dad when we were having lunch in a pit barbecue grill along the route that straddles the coast, between Mar del Plata and Miramar in Buenos Aires state, in 2000. My Mom found it recently and shared it with all of us, remembering those times together, even with the Social Distancing limitations.

I treasure that joyous pirate’s spirit to give enthusiasm and excitement to my present and future artistic endeavors. I am presently preparing my first stand-up comedy script, which I hope to share it with you, once the pandemic ends. Let us prepare our minds and spirits to go to the New World with a daring and imaginative predisposition to create.

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

Going back to FSU

Dear friends:

Good morning. we are going back today to the Tallahassee campus of Florida State University (FSU) Even though all our classes are online via Zoom, we still need to take advantage of the great library resources of the institution, talk face to face with our advisors and, pour quoi pas, reconnect, taking heed of all the necessary precautions during this terrible pandemic, with all our dear friends there. A limited campus life.

FSU here I come

All these months, I have resided with my father Mario in his apartment. It has been a little rough but nothing compares to sharing these vicissitudes with my best friend. This selfie was taken a little while ago and you can see the weird haircut that I gave him. Being a practicing physician, and thank God very healthy, he would not go to the barber. He told me this is “the best look” he has ever had in his life. Gracias Papito querido.

FSU here I come II

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.