Going back to FSU

Dear friends:

Good morning. we are going back today to the Tallahassee campus of Florida State University (FSU) Even though all our classes are online via Zoom, we still need to take advantage of the great library resources of the institution, talk face to face with our advisors and, pour quoi pas, reconnect, taking heed of all the necessary precautions during this terrible pandemic, with all our dear friends there. A limited campus life.

FSU here I come

All these months, I have resided with my father Mario in his apartment. It has been a little rough but nothing compares to sharing these vicissitudes with my best friend. This selfie was taken a little while ago and you can see the weird haircut that I gave him. Being a practicing physician, and thank God very healthy, he would not go to the barber. He told me this is “the best look” he has ever had in his life. Gracias Papito querido.

FSU here I come II

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

Going back to college classes

Good morning, dear friends, colleagues and family.

Yesterday, after an operational hiatus of almost three months, the classes of the Creative Writing Program at Florida State University (FSU) finally resumed. Unfortunately due to the pandemic’s limitations, they are completely online, without any physical presence. However, we must point out that our hard-working professors have made a good job of designing them for Zoom interaction, making them interesting. We are satisfied so far.

Back to college

Avanti bersaglieri che la vittoria e nostra!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

Buona Festa della Liberazione

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. Today all the Italian citizens (those born in the peninsula or citizens through the blood lineage like ourselves) celebrate the Liberation Day when the Italian people finally got rid of the Nazi occupation on April 25th 1945. It is a day of boisterous celebration with countless local festivities in big and small places all across the nation.

Sadly, the pandemic has forced the Italian government to extend the “stay inside” order until mid-May, for which there swill be the first time in 75 years that it is not publicly celebrated. However, all of us will be raising a glass today in our homes or places of seclusion to toast the great nation built by our dear ancestors and fellow citizens.

The picture that serves as featured image was taken last year by Gian Luca in the promenade of the Bay of Naples where there was a slow procession of bersaglieri (lightly armed cavalry) The image masterfully taken at sunset gives us the impression of a ghostly parade of anonymous soldiers coming to the rescue.

Bersaglieri en la Bahia de Napule

As they had done so valiantly and gallantly before, the enthusiastic and patriotic forces of Italy will come through to the rescue of the citizenry. Right now thousands upon thousands of medical professionals, technical personnel and first responders are toiling generously in the health care facilities that are treating the pandemic victims. Coraggio.

Avanti bersaglieri che la vittoria e nostra!

Giani enjoying the incredible luminosity of the Bay of Naples, with the Vesuvius in the background.Giani en la bahia de Napule