Marinating the pork loin chops

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good afternoon. we take advantage of the forced Social Isolation to practice cooking techniques that, for lack of time or sheer laziness, we have ignored before in the kitchen. Marinating the meats with spices prior to consumption is a great technique, not only to give them a lot of favor, but to conserve them better in the cold like our ancestors did.

Our dear grandmothers told us that, being poor peasants in the Basque region, Piemonte and Campania, our folks did not have the advantage of a frigidaire, let alone a freezer. They used huge mounds of salt to store the meats in a fresh part of their humble houses. Going back in time, we are re-learning those old cooking tactics to improve our dishes.

Lomitos marinados I

In a rectangular tupper, we put 2 cups of Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an outstanding product of Sicilia;  then we added some Turmeric, Garlic and Oregano sprinkles plus a generous dose of Pepper.  We just put that batch in the fridge but we will cook some for our son Gian Luca later. We will keep you posted as to how they will finally look like in La Bestia  (nickname of the fabulous Cuisinart pan that we are using)

Lomitos marinados II

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

What do you think? Please tell us. Don’t leave me alone.

Buona Domenica a tutti voi con questa salsa Dotta Plus

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good afternoon. Today the sky has been stubbornly grey and rain pouring intermittently in this “Banana Republic of South Florida”, for which we decided to prepare a hearty pasta. What’s better than cheese-filled agnolottis with a Bolognesa sauce with the plum San Marzano tomatoes and Burrata cheese? We used a few elements that we had bought in the Whole Foods supermarket of Downtown Miami; with just a few bucks you can eat like a prince. The forced Social Isolation has made caged tigers in the kitchen out of us.

Elementos para una salsa Bolognesa

The most important thing is to prepare all the major elements of the sauce-(veggies and meat-s) separately and not dump everything in the tomato sauce to cook slowly; we must avoid the burned fatty acids that are inevitably formed when you sauté on the pan. The colander is the best safeguard for your family’s stomachs and arteries. Use it in earnest.


Agnolottis con salsa Bolgnesa y queso Burrata

What do you think, folks? Would you care for a little tasting of this homemade dish?

Agnolottis con salsa Bolognesa y queso Burrata

Buon apetitto !

Plato de Bolognesa

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.







Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful

Dreaming about a relaxed picnic in the rolling hills of Provence…

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good afternoon. After a few weeks of intense cooking at home (and eating it too) we feel obligated to take a pause for more refreshing and healthier alternatives like salads. After a visit to the great Whole Foods supermarket in Miami, we decided to prepare a stuffed salad, reminiscent of the ones we had duly enjoyed in the rolling hills of Provence. Ah!

Ensalada Provenzal I

We prepared a lettuce, tomato, carrots and onions’ salad with plenty of ricotta cheese, avocado, cashews and walnuts. Deliciously crunchy and also a good tonic for our bodies.

Let us close our eyes and imagine that we are in a relaxed picnic with our dear friends. Dreaming awake is a fundamental step towards a more humane environment for all.

Ensalada Provenzal II

Bon Apétit !

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

Happy Sunday with spinach and cheese agnolottis in a Dotta sauce with veggies, minced meat and burrata cheese

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good afternoon and Happy Sunday. Today we prepared one of our favorite pasta dishes with the unique Rana agnolottis and Bel Gioiso burrata cheese. Of course this is what we usually call “bolognese asauce” that bears the name of the prestigious university town: Bologna  (the second oldest college in the Eastern Hemisphere, after La Sorbonne) But as we are inveterate snobs, we used its Italian nickname: La Dotta, the Doctoral one.

Petates para la salsa bolognesa

We used these articles from our latest visit to the Mary Brickell Village Publix, which amounted to approximately U$ 50, which is quite reasonable for a Sunday dinner for 4. Cooking healthy and delicious dishes at home is not only entertaining but also thrifty.

Agnolotti alla Bolognesa con frmaggio burratta

The burrata cheese is in fact a ball of traditional mozzarella that contains cream inside (see the elongated ball on the left hand side of this picture) When the dish is ready, you must put one or two balls in the middle to heat it up; once it bursts open ( the one on the right hand side) it spews all that delicious cream all over your pasta.

Isn’t this luxuriously, impossibly, guiltily decadent? Well, we only live once, folks.

Agnolottis listo pa'l morfi

Bon apétit! Buon apetito! Buon apetitto!

Tonight’s menu: sautée salmon with a spaghetatta in a Bechamel sauce of Mascarpone and Hearts of Palms

Spaghetatta con salmon y salsa Bechamela de palmitos

These are the basic elements for the deliciously creamy Bechamel sauce with Mascarpone cheese and Hearts of Palms that we bought at the Mary Brickell Village Publix last week.

Elementos para la spaghetattaAnd this is the end result. A simple dish with just four easy stages. Ideal for the dummies in the kitchen like moi. Unfortunately we had to postpone the launching of our You Tube page about homemade cooking due to the logistical débâcle provoked by the pandemic. However, we are already making all the preparations in stride for sometime in the Fall.

Bon apétit! Buon apetitto! Buen apetito!

Spaghetatta con salmon y salsa Becahmel de palmitos

Bel dimanche avec une Choucroute Garnie à la Nouvelle Alsatienne

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good evening and Happy Sunday to all of you. We hope that you are well and in good spirits, most likely bearing this forced Social Isolation (how many days already? Can’t remember….) with your loved ones. Today we prepared a traditional dish, from that fabulous gastronomic region straddling the French and German borders: Alsace. It has perhaps, with Bretagne, Bourgogne, Provence and Le Pays Basque, some of the very best cuisine that we can find in l’Hexagone. They use hearty meats and the finest produce.

Choucroute Garnie - Io

To make this dish more healthy, we did not use the traditional slabs of bacon to sautée the potatoes and vegetables but a dollop of Extra Virgin Olive Oil; also to give it more flavor we added some mushrooms, artichokes, garlic, ginger and jalapeño peppers. Of course we added the classic sauerkrraut on top. We used less meat, just some bratwurst  that we grilled separately to take out all the excess fat. We hope you enjoy our recipe.

We will sit down with Gian Luca momentarily to enjoy this dish with some Jack Daniels whisly to celebrate in style his excellent semester grades from the Creative Writing program at Florida State University. Even in Social Distancing, we must keep good rituals.

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

Bon apétit à tous mes amis et toutes mes amies!

Choucroute Garnie- Giani