Offerings to our Departed souls (Pitras)

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:
Good morning. This article and poem from Harbans Khajuria, my sage Brahminic instructor and dear spiritual friend, are simply excellent. Let us remember and honor, in so many different and yet unifying rituals across the main religions, our dear Departed relatives and friends that have made our stay in this Valley of Tears possible with their sacrifice, care and affection.

As a disciple of Thomas Merton, I believe that our Christian faith has strayed too far away from the original mysticism of our Early Days hiding in caves to become bogged down in the shifting sands of the Cartesian Rationality where we struggle to find a firm surface to step on and move. We must attentively listen to our brothers and sisters from the East, who still have a healthy attachment to the workings of Mother Nature, in order to recoup some of their rejuvenating energy.

May God Almighty have pity on our dear Departed souls and welcome them to his/her/ihr Grace.




Shraaddhas are the important rituals most dearly observed
By the progenies of the (Pitr) departed souls
As a form of remembrance
To deceased relatives of ours who are no longer with us
And have gone to the lands unknown
We keep in mind them their love and affection
With our love and emotions flowing to the brim
For those who had shown us this beautiful earth
Because due to them only we’re here on this planet
The dear ones who had bestowed us the righteous guidance
Along with showering us their love so tender
And delivered us from many a difficult moments.
Now, as they have turned to Pitr domain
It is our…

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Two God-given gifts

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. Thank you very much for your continued support expressed in so many e-mail messages that offer words of encouragement, suggestions and even critiques. Please continue your critically affectionate yet pointed input that has made a big difference in the final version of my new book; we are editing the last twenty pages of the manuscript, which will hopefully be ready by the beginning of September.

All along this arduous process, I have enjoyed the full support of my children, Noel Marie and Gain Luca, who are pictured here in the television studios of Univision in Miami. Thank you God Almighty for granting me the precious joy of watching them grow into two outstanding young individuals with good spiritual values and artistic aptitudes. Please allow me to continue helping them in their brilliant careers in TV and Film, no matter how small and humble my input would be in their ascending pathways.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

Thank you God Almighty

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Yesterday we went to mass with our children to Saint Patrick’s church, our longtime parish in Miami Beach. We wanted to duly thank the Providence for all the blessings he/she/ihr has so generously and consistently been bestowing on our family for the past few weeks. As the popular saying goes: “a family that prays together, stays together.”

We are in the process of finishing the final editing of our new book, which has greatly improved the manuscript as we have spotted typos, mistakes, lack of references and added new material that has surfaced in the social media and public discourse lately. As Ernest Hemingway once said: “There is not good writing. Only good re-writing.”

Thank you God Almighty for holding our hand steadily in all these arduous months. And for our dear children, Noel Marie and Gian Luca, for always believing in our mission.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

C’ est parti

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Recently we picked up four printed copies of the manuscript in the Kinkos-Fedex office of Coral Gables for the final editing process, which we always liked to do on paper and not in the laptop.There are quaint habitudes we like to keep.

We immediately shipped a copy to the home address of our dear spiritual friend across the oceans, Harbans Khajuria, so he can start reading it and suggest corrections, besides preparing his Introduction to the final published version.We would like to especially thank the precious help we got in that office by Hector and Greg who graciously completed the complex request.

In this long, harrowing process we had some special help to pull us through. During our solitary days and nights toiling at our desk, many dangerous demons of all forms have approached to entice us, by force or temptation, to stop writing and waste time. The essence of manly fall into disgrace is distraction.

However, every time they knocked us down , we implored for providential help. Our right hand was held steadily by God Almighty and our left one affectionately by Harbans, while our two children lifted us back up in the ringside.Then we put on our son Giani’s gloves and we remembered the Brahminic teachings of Harbans. Imbued with new enthusiasm and purpose, we started to ferociously punch demons all over. Avanti bersaglieri che la vittoria e nostra!

The journey has been tough but we have made it to the finish line.
Now Harbans, my children and myself must go through with another round of editing.

A poster we saw many years ago in a message board of the Argentine School of New York (when our daughter was attending it on Saturdays mornings) depicted a young woman laboriously climbing to the top of a mountain with the following caption:

“There are no shortcuts for life’s greatest achievements.”

Thank you very much
Merci beaucoup
Muchas gracias
Grazie mille