Dear visitors, welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our writer’s web page and blog, which hopefully will provide you with some useful information. My name is Dr. Mario O. Laplume and I would like to start a conversation with you about some pressing social and professional issues.
First of all I am deeply concerned about the lack of social justice in the delivery points of preventive and clinical care for the most vulnerable segments of our communities. My Columbia University doctoral thesis is based on the delivery of integrated and efficient care to the population of the “Regione Veneto” of Italy and I believe that we must strive to equalize care access, not only in affluent societies, but in the rest of the planet as well.
Secondly I am an assiduous student of Wellness interventions and Alternative Medicine, as we must examine some novel methods of Psycho-physical integration to cure pathological diseases. The biological model of Medicine that blossomed in developed nations in the start of the 20th century has brought us great advances in the cure and prevention of terrible diseases. As a physician I am proud of the generous service we have been providing our communities but I also believe that we must examine some alternative methods that could complement the traditional clinical protocols for care.
Finally I would like to discuss the issue of “emotional frustration” in our hyper-connected societies. As a practicing physician, I have witnessed the great frustration of women, with their milieu and with society at large, as their emotional concerns are not properly heard, let alone addressed, by us. It has prodded me to write a novel series, “Madame D.C.” to strive to transmit their woes; I invite you to peruse a few pages of “Book I -Three voyages”, which I enclosed in a separate section, and post your comments on them. If our dear mothers, sisters, spouses and daughters are feeling increasingly distressed we cannot possibly expect to have a healthy family and civic life. I would like to thank my daughter Noel Marie for helping me with this page.
“Walker, there is no road, you make one on the go.” The Spanish poet Antonio Machado has summarized the purpose of these writing endeavors. Let’s start this adventurous journey, hoping to find some answers and surely more questions along the way, in the good company of you all, our friends. If you want to contact us, please click here for the relevant information.
Dr. Mario O. Laplume