In Pre-historic times, men and women roamed the fertile savanna together, hunting for a big mammal for their sustenance, equally sharing risks and benefits. Even though women had the dedicated task of bearing and nurturing children, they still participated in almost all the clan’s activities, including its primal governance. What happened between those times and ours? Something called the Patriarchate.

For just a few thousand years almost all the major civic, political and religious organizations have been co-opted by reactionary men for their own profit, sidelining women to a subaltern role, thus disenfranchising them economically and politically. In order to enforce their control, they have systematically expunged the emotionality out of women at both individual and societal levels, fostering a schizoid dissociation.

Based on our forty years of personal experience as a medical practitioner in different parts of this planet, our expertise in Public Health and our interest in Policy, Politics and the Social Sciences, we will attempt to dissect the various components of Emotional Frustration in our dearest women, based on the concrete examples of our patients (or composites of them) and some notably heroic feminine pathfinders.

First of all, we discuss the particular features of the feminine physiology and psychology, which will determine their bespoke reactions to common life situations. Based on current medical, psychological and social literature, we discuss the original hormonal, neural and behavioral features of women in their social interactions. In order to help the few hardy men that might dare to read our lines, we added a special subsection titled A nugget of Wisdom addressed to them to re-evaluate their actions. We believe that our formal learning processes tend to blur the marked differences between the masculine and feminine ethos, leading to serious misunderstandings.

We will carefully discuss the major issues and controversies in the sexual, family, social, labor and financial dimensions that affect women’s lives in society. Once we determine the major components, we will show how they are intertwined and potentiated sur le champ, creating major challenges for the concerned citizens. As our grave socio-economic issues need the concerted effort of all genres to bring changes, we will unmask the sowing of futile dissension by the Great Pretender. Pretending that it does not exist anymore, the Patriarchate has dangerously mutated.

Chapter I – Casual talk over a flimsy fence. Firmly based on peer reviewed articles and current scientific literature, we explain the basic differences of the feminine bodies and minds, which will determine their oftentimes baffling reactions in life. We discuss the marvelous endowment of Mirror neurons and the Right-Left duality.

Chapter II – It’s not only about sex. In order to know what women like in sex, we must first clarify what they do not like so their “significant others” do not fail them. Moreover, the feminine empowerment has changed their attitudes inside and outside the bedroom, fostering new social paradigms that we must acknowledge in stride. We tackle issues like Orgasm, Masturbation, Infidelity, Bisexuality and Asexuality.

Chapter III – The trolling toll of Technology. The eruption of social media in the past two decades has alas markedly changed the close rapport with our loved ones. We expose the basic tenets of the family system before discussing the most common dysfunctional situations we have witnessed in patients, including Domestic Violence. We tackle issues like Single Moms, Not Moms, Caregivers, Alexithymia and Suicide.

Chapter IV – The cyber chantage. In our digital age, the social insertion of women has markedly changed due to their higher exposure in media, unlike most men. We analyze how that relentless scrutiny affects their behavior, including the chantage. The modern science of Epigenetics shows us that environmental factors like extreme stress at the workplace and at home can affect the genetic endowment of offspring.

Chapter V – The material girl. In our age of feminine empowerment , the women’s conflicted relationship with money and power has become even more complicated.  We tackle issues like Financial infidelity, Consumerism, Gambling and Prostitution. Moreover, we discuss how money issues alter the dating choices of young women.

Chapter VI – The bad negotiator. Due to their ingrained modesty, women have been particularly deficient in negotiating for better terms in the workplace and the public space (including Politics) unlike men who naturally recur to raw Narcissism. We tackle issues like Racism, Glass ceiling and cliff, Likeability and Transparency.

Chapter VII – The Vegan Harta Factor. Based on the writings of Michael Balint, Sigmund Freud, Mary Wollstonecraft, Friedrich Engels, Virginia Wolff, Silvia Walby, Frantz Fanon, Catharine McKinnon and others we discuss the Patriarchy. We tackle issues like Poverty, Aporophia, Wage penalty and Double entanglement.

Epilogue – What do women really want. Surmounting past prejudices and wrongs, we must build an energized coalition of educated men and women to foster change.