Giani’s photo and film

  1. Merry Christmas from Rockefeller Center in New York City
  2. Our film-maker son Giani visiting the Holy Land
  3. Giani praying for us at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
  4. Bon aanniversaire mon cher fils Giani dans la Tour Eiffel
  5. Salut du Louvre pour tous nos ami(e)s
  6. Le tango “Mi sufrir” au rythme de bal musette
  7. Greetings from Amsterdam
  8. Happy Father’s Day
  9. Wassup dudes?
  10. Greetings from Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin
  11. All tyrannies eventually fall
  12. Behold our gifted son Gian Luca
  13. In front of Prague’s cathedral
  14. Enjoying a little Abba on the Charles bridge
  15. La cachila checa
  16. Czech-style roasted pork shoulder
  17. Greetings from the Friendship bridge in Budapest
  18. A Habsburg lion roars in the Danube river
  19. The majestic Magyar Parliament
  20. Ghoulash re-energizes you
  21. Paprika chicken brightly red as our hearts
  22. Bostero de ley en todo el mundo
  23. Remembering the heroes of World War II
  24. Stephen, patron saint of Hungary
  25. Vigilant as in the times of Count Vlad Draculea
  26. Giani’s first view of Italia after crossing the Dolomite mountains
  27. Arrival at the Santa Lucia train station of Venezia
  28. Buon giorno. Facciamo la prima colazione con la pastaciutta
  29. Auguri dal Canal Grande
  30. Il ponte dei sospiri
  31. Shall we come aboard?
  32. L’alba su Piazza San Marco
  33. Mangiamo una deliziosa cotoletta
  34. Happy Fourth of July from Gorgo al Monticano, Il Veneto
  35. Un buon pranzo con mia bellissima cuginetta Gaia
  36. La zia Adriana mi vuole benissimo.
  37. Bellissima domenica da la Basilica di San Pietro
  38. Where Anita Ekberg waded flirtatiously in Fellini’s “La dolce vita”
  39. La sempre piu bella Fontana di Trevi
  40. Salve gladiatore grafico
  41. These Collosseum walls witnessed many ages of Roman history
  42. Julius Caesar once had this same view of the Foro Romano
  43. Marcando el compas en una calle de Roma
  44. Buon apetitto con il delizioso maiale e patatine.
  45. Una torta di ricotta per il postre
  46. The Michelangelo painting depicted in “The Agony and the Ecstasy”
  47. The mantle of Catholic faith
  48. The claustrophobic little streets of Vatican City
  49. Salve ragazzi(e) da la baia di Napule
  50. Avanti bersaglieri che la vittoria e nostra!
  51. La belleza napuletana e anche la su
  52. Que lindo pedazo de pasta frola che!
  53. Salve da Positano in la Costa Amalfitana
  54. Mangiamo una dolcissima frolla riccia
  55. E un saporito panini di pollo cotto
  56. The steep, winding streets of Ravello
  57. Saludos desde la catedral de Malaga
  58. A plate of freshly caught Mediterranean sardines
  59. And this is how you eat them
  60. Cenando con mis queridas primas Camila y Jorgelina
  61. We are dreaming of the Alhambra
  62. Saludos desde el Ayuntamiento de Granada
  63. The cathedral built by Queen Isabel la Catolica
  64. The baroque main altarpiece
  65. The cathedral’s interior
  66. The main ceiling
  67. God’s light is suavely filtering through
  68. The medieval street bordering the cathedral
  69. El Real monasterio de San Geronimo
  70. Unas ricas chuletas de cerdo con patatas
  71. Greetings from the Plaza Mayor in Madrid
  72. The square is full of revellers
  73. In Spain, the King Pig rules
  74. A liitle romantic music in the Plaza Mayor
  75. American nostalgia in downtown Madrid
  76. Serving the best Spanish beef
  77. The majestic Puerta de Alcala
  78. Ready for the soft landing of an angel
  79. Un poquito de flamenco
  80. Welcome back home dear Road Vagabond
  81. I am dreaming of Lisboa
  82. Greetings from the Praca do Comercio
  83. A relaxed way to tour downtown Lisboa
  84. Dom Joao I, rei de Portugal per la graca de Deus
  85. A European city built with a friendly human scale
  86. Ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean
  87. Laughing all the way back to South Florida
  88. Ready to face the world
  89. Sunset at Venice Beach, California
  90. A little tap dancing in downtown LA
  91. Going happily Meshuga
  92. Ballando la tarantela in Mar del Plata, Argentina
  93. Funi culi Funi cula
  94. Rainy day with plenty of reading in South Florida
  95. Enjoying Dad’s delicious lamb cous-cous
  96. With my sister Noel Marie at Saint Patrick’s church in Miami Beach
  97. My beautiful Mom in the “Museum of the Car” in Rio Hondo, Argentina.
  98. Isn’t this English roadster simply Fab?
  99. Broom! Broom! Ready to jump forth!
  100. A bird’s view of the museum
  101. I love you Mom
  102. Selling empanadas in a street of Termas de Rio Hondo
  103. Would you like one?
  104. Asi se baila el tango!
  105. Y asi se baila la milonga!
  106. A barbecue grill of pork, sausages and chivito for our tour group.
  107. Would you like a juicy, perfectly grilled portion of any of these?
  108. Lechon asado con mucho amor
  109. Visiting the steep Cuesta del Portezuelo with a native
  110. The municipality of Santiago del Estero
  111. Tyrannosaurus Rex used to roam these badlands
  112. A humonguous “native” of Santiago del Estero
  113. The Spanish colonial era Cathedral
  114. A celebration of the Condor, mighty guardian of the Andes mountains
  115. In the central square of Santiago del Estero
  116. Tourists enjoy this free monorail in downtown area
  117. Are you feeling hungry?
  118. Visiting the fabulous Univision studios in Miami
  119. At the main control room of Univision studios
  120. This is the passion of my Life
  121. How do I look, ladies?
  122. Editing my award-winning film with Premiere Pro
  123. Still editing my award-winning film with Premiere Pro
  124. Greetings from Florida State University (FSU)
  125. Greetings from the Feast of Grilled Pork in Miramar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  126. Greetings from Gian Luca writing his new film script in earnest
  128. Buona Festa della Liberazione
  129. We are still resisting with good vibes
  130. Dad’s pork loin chop, ham and cheese scrumptious sandwich
  131. Going back to FSU’s classes
  132. Going back to FSU
  133. Once a pirate, always a pirate
  134. La mejor Mamá del Mundo
  135. Don’t give me an attitude bros and sis!
  136. New look for my stand-up comedy
  137. Yo we’re shooting a new picture!!!
  138. Feeling Irie, brothers and sisters!
  139. Howdie from Brooklyn, New York City!!!
  140. Greetings from Netflix is a Joke Fest in LA
  141. See you at Caroline’s on December 15