Happy New Year 2019

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good morning to all of you, dear readers, spread along the vast confines of Planet Earth.

Thank you very for having had the kindness of loyally reading–and most important of all, criticizing–our humble writings during this passing year with so much enthusiasm. We regularly checked our statistics and we were surprised by flags from many countries.

There are two  special bloggers that we would like to specially thank right here and now. The first one is the unique, unparalleled and most distinguished Harbans Khaijura, our enlightened mentor in the learning of Indian culture and Hindi beliefs, the deft writer of  https://harbansinnerthoughts.com/  During the past year not only he has read and sagely commented all my writings–no matter how small or of dubious quality–but he has generously shared all the wonderful teachings of his Brahmin upbringing. Thanks!

The second one–but not second best in our hearts–is the gorgeous, intelligent, gifted, affectionate, ferocious tango-dancer, prolific, sophisticated (puff, we’re getting tired  here but we have to go on praising her) sweet, considerate, polite and patient da-AL, the deft writer of https://happinessbetweentails.com/ During the past year she has patiently read almost all our articles, bringing the much needed feminine deep insight and intuition. Moreover, when we jokingly said that we had given up on women altogether (sic) she put a surprisingly brief yet tremendously potent comment: “what a pity…so much Wisdom.”  Reflecting on her comment, we decided to include a special sub-section in our second book (“Emotional frustration-the hushed plague”)that we named “A nugget of Wisdom.”

After thoroughly discussing each major cause of Emotional Frustration, we address men directly in order to simply expose how we can try to help the suffering women in our lives; it looks like some college notes on literary but hard to read classics like “Ulysses.”  When we were initially confronted by the intricacies of feminine psychology, we felt the same sense of loss and bewilderment that when we pulled out that book from our dear father Mario’s library in Montevideo and opened it for the first time. What is this? Where do we start? How can you make sense of this unhinged stream with multiple reversals? And most important of all, will we ever reach the end of this journey? Never. For sure.

Something funny happened to us when we were out there in the social media. For many years now, we have been reforming classic recipes and designing new ones to conform to the dietary needs of our children and a few friends with gastric acidity, reflux, etc.   We have done it for the fun of it, occasionally posting the pictures of our creations in our Facebook page (private for family and friends only) and just recently in our Instagram one (open to everyone; the address is “marioolaplume”) Guess what? A professional photographer approached us a few weeks ago, asking us if we would be willing to start a Facebook page and a You Tube channel showing our healthy cooking techniques and reviewing  promising restos in South Florida. Coincidentally it pairs perfectly with the new series “Cibovagabondaggio” that we are already setting up. Our answer? Yes, of course.

The team of this medical and literary web page wishes you all a Happy New Year 2019.

Que tengan un Feliz y Prospero 2019

Auguri per un Buon Anno 2019

Nos Meilleurs Voeux pour l’an 2019




Good morning dear readers and bloggers:
Our dear spiritual friend Harbans has produced a great article about the Indian festival of Diwali and I would like to share it with you. Even though it is a little bit long, it is full of information about the Hindu religious beliefs that form the basis of this event.
For all the believers, we wish a Happy Diwali to you and your family. Being so close to our own birthday, we feel obliged to do some atonement; privately we will reflect on our recent deeds and try to improve our relationships with our family, colleagues and friends. This festival feels like the ritual confession of the Catholic Church but in a more congenial-community minded setting.
Enjoy this great article and try to reflect about these moral lessons.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.





Diwali is one of the most sacred festivals for us

It was the day when Lord Rama

Came to Ayodhya accompanied with Sita & Lakshamana

Along with Hanumana and others

Whole of Ayodhya

Was drenched in festivities on this day

With lighting of Ghee Diwas

This day is remembered by devouts Ram Bakhatas.

Lord Rama is an epitome of truth obviously

A standard set to remain steadfastly

Within the set Maryadha and Parampara – norms of behavior

Under any situation whatsoever

Also, when promises are made

These are to be redeemed

Whatever may be the end-result

By him examples were set

In self obedience and  self restraint

For us to follow without hang-ups.

After completing 14 years’ exile, a period so long

Lord Rama with brother Lakshmnana

Along with Maa Sita

On the directions of their father…

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