Thank you Mister Pasta

In the River Plate (geographic area that encompasses the socio-economic integration of the Argentine provinces of Entre Rios, Santa Fé and Buenos Aires plus the southern part of Uruguay)  we are used to visit the local pasta shop to buy fresh tagliarini, ravioli, gnocchi, fusilli, etc., plus artisanal sauces and grated cheese for our traditional Sunday family lunch. As we are mostly descendants of Italians, we value the opportunity to connect with our close family members through a nice meal. “La pasta del domingo” is much, much more that a dish that will be summarily consumed. It is a precious ritual.

For the past thirty years we have enjoyed that unique opportunity in South Florida thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Jorge Stekelorum, who designed a superb pastificio called Mr. Pasta in Miami Beach (Instagram address: mrpastamiami )

We introduce you to Mr. Jorge who, true to his vocation of pastaio dal cuore, keeps “las manos en la masa”; he is preparing the dough for the spinach tagliarini and fettuccini.

Tallarinada I

After preparing the dough in that old Italian machine, he will cut it and leave it to dry.

Tallarinada II

In order to complete the numerous orders ( his shop provides pasta to many restaurants in South Florida) he can count on the priceless help of his wife Melanitt (too shy to allow us to take her picture but she is very beautiful, take our word) and two young and eager assistants named Harriet and Camila. In the following picture you can see the latter preparing by hand the traditional potato, spinach or cheese dumplings called gnocchi.

Prpeaprando la noqueada I

The working area is properly clean and they follow all the sanitary regulations of Dade County and the City of Miami Beach.If you live or are visiting the area, please stop by to say hello, buy some pasta or peruse some of the imported gourmet items they exhibit.

Prparando la noqueada II

In these times of Social Distancing where families are spending more time together, including preparing some delicious dishes at home, this is a great place to shop and seek advice. Mr. Jorge will gladly inform you about the different choices of fresh and frozen pasta; moreover, they have several varieties of prepared sauces to accompany them.

Buon apetitto!

Mr. Pasta, Gourmet Pasta Shoppe

7311 Collins Avenue, Miami Breach, Fl 33141

Tel: (305) 866-8020

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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