Happy Sunday with grilled salchicha, kielbasa, potatoes and veggies alla Maria W.

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good afternoon and Happy Sunday. Yesterday we confided to you that we were hoping to serve a delicious soup to our crew that we had prepared in the morning. Fat chance. They demanded a loaded sandwich for a TV dinner. Today the weather was sunny in the morning but the weather progressively degraded into dampness and obscurity. -“How about if we have that soup?” we said to the gang. “Forget it, Dad…Fix us something to lift our spirits.” Alas.

There fore we decided to use some salchicha parrillera (a long, thin strand of chorizo that gets coiled for the grill) and garlic smoked kielbasa that we had purposefully saved for a time when we had to boost our family’s morale. First of all we grilled the potatoes and sweet potatoes in the Nuwave Air Fryer (a great acquisition indeed) Look.

After 15 minutes of cooking at medium-high temperature, we took them out and laid the cut carrots and ginger.

After 8 minutes at the same temperature, we added the onions and peppers to complete a cycle of 15 minutes.

After the sides, it was time for the big boys at 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 200 degrees Celsius for aprox.10 minutes. One of the more contested issues in barbecue grilling in the River Plate is whether you should pinch the sausages halfway through the grilling to let the juice drain out and have a more “dry”, “less greasy” product or not. We do.

After we finished grilling, we set everything aside and we start to prepare the cheese sauce. This is our seasoning.

As you can see we did not include the salt. Why? Because the cheese has enough salt to impregnate the whole dish. If you add it along the way, the dish will reek of the marshy salt-waters where they collect the product. No good.

Maybe you are wondering why we dubbed this sauce alla Maria W. Are you? Well, it is in honor of a gorgeous Polish girl that I loved madly in my youth and, sadly, I never dared to tell her about my feelings. A lost opportunity.

After shedding a few tears for Maria W. (buh…buh) we will put all this together in a Pyrex glass container. Voilà!

Do you think that Maria W. might have liked it? Well, it might serve as a consolation of sorts for my broken heart…


Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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