Buona Domenica con una gnocchiatta dal 29 alla Tony Soprano

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

As we have detailed in the previous posting we prepared today a gnocchiata of the day 29 with a sauce of San Marzano tomatoes, meatballs and sausages. What do you think?

Preparando la noqueada del 29

Our son captured this image precisely when we were about to taste one of the meatballs.

Noqueada Tony Soprano II

Do you think it’s ready? Did you notice the melting Burrata cheese in the middle?

Noqueada Tony Soprano

Well, we are going to honor this dish by siting down for a nice pranzo di domenica.

Buon apetitto!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

What do you think? Please tell us.

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