Greetings from Netflix is a Joke Fest in LA

Dear Bros and Sis:

Good evening (my Dad always tells us to be polite) to all my friends and fans.We are attending the Netflix is a Joke Festival with my sister in Los Angeles. We are having a fabulous time together and I am enclosing some nice shots.

And here is a remembrance of one of my favorite American Comedians: Rodney Dangerfield.

Tonight we will be attending a presentation by Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias at Dodger Stadium.

Hope you are all erie. A big kiss to all my ladies-fans and a big hug to the guys. Stay cool !!!

Yo we’re shooting a new picture!!!

Whassup doggies? We’re shooting a new You Tube film about Jamaican bros and here is our crew.

From left to right, there is Marty, Giordano, myself and Danny.

How do we look?

Three! Two! One! Live! Action!!!

After so much slogging, Dad treated us with a Brooklyn-style pizza and chicken wings.

Buon appetito!

As you can already guess, it is about some Jamaican dudes with a loud dispute. Stay tuned for more.

I feel eyrie, man!

New look for my stand-up comedy

Dear readers and fellow bloggers;

Good afternoon. We have had some hectic weeks with Dad preparing the publication of our new book Emotional Frustration – the hushed plague and it is time for both of us to have a little fun. Tonight I resume my stand-up comedy in a North Miami Beach club and here is my new look for it.

What a geopolitical mismatch! I am wearing the jersey of the Argentine National Basketball team and the beret of the Mercian Regiment of the British Army, which was gifted to me by a friend that served. Remember that I published a blog where I showed you how I was wearing it in FSU? Well, this combination might look like a screw-up, but I hope these countries will eventually make peace.

Its emblem is the bald headed double eagle, originally deigned in the Byzantium Empire. Very old!!!

How do I look, ladies?

Do you prefer me with or without the beard? Please let me know.

Kisses to ya’ all !!!