Dr. Walter Ghedin

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It is a great pleasure to introduce Dr. Walter Ghedin, our guest blogger, to you. Today he will be discussing  “Streaming and Sex” with us.

Dr. Ghedin graduated as a physician form the Universidad Nacional de La Plata in 1984 and did his residence training in Psychiatry in the “Hospital Provincial José Estevez.” In a parallel way he trained in Psychodrama and Psychotherapy in the “Asociación Argentina de Psicodrama y Psicoterapia de grupo.” In 1995 he travelled to Barcelona, Spain, to participate in “Pisos asistidos”—an official program where psychiatric patients continue their scheduled treatments in spaces rented by the state. He studied Sexology with Dr. Adrian Sapetti and Psychopharmacology with Dr. Julio Moizeszowics. In 2004 he published his first novel titled “Mera Ilusión” (Ediciones Deldragon) and in 2014 he published “Tipos en la cama” (Ediciones Lea). He wrote his first play “Los juegos de cada cual, Freud y Jung” in collaboration with Daniel Oliva. He adapted two Chejov stories—“Los Nauticos” and “Varka”—to the theatre. In 2003 the French magazine “Outre terre” published “La seule, l’unique”, a short story. His latest book, titled “Sexo y Sexualidad”, explains why psychoanalysis and other psychotherapy techniques have dramatically changed many our concepts about sex. On August 28th his new play, “La vagina enlutada” (the vagina in mourning), will debut in a Buenos Aires theatre.At present he is teaching “Normal and abnormal personalities” in the Holos San Isidro. Let’s cede this podium to our guest. Dottore, avanti!

“Paying too much attention to the little screens can mess up your sex life.”

    In our modern times the majority of us are too attentive to the endless stream of information provided by the little screens we carry in our pockets. The trolling toll of Technology is manifested by the constant dissociation of our attention and the increasing levels of anxiety to keep up with it. If we add TV streaming to the mix, our erotic encounters are almost invariably damaged.

Unlike our other activities, the sexual intimacy requires a series of factors:

  1. a strong sexual desire
  2. low levels of anxiety
  3. attention focused on the act itself
  4. erotic fantasies of various kinds
  5. a receptive body for sexual stimuli
  6. capacity to feel pleasure and enjoy it

Making plans for “food delivery and a streamed movie” is a good option for many couples that want to relax in their homes after a hectic work schedule. Being together in a cosy place can boost an emotional and physical bonding. The problem arises when the preparations are truncated and nothing follows.

TV streaming is a great leap forward in our entertainment choices as many of these productions rival, and even surpass, the traditional films and series. However it can become addictive as our desire to know “what happens next” is teased by the savvy and malicious layout of a series of 6,8 or 10 episodes.

Allowing the interloping presence of a computer, a tablet or a phone in the middle of our beds will definitely put a distance with our “significant other.”

The sexual desire does not appear by a magical tour de force but is the result of a conjunction of factors like insinuations, fantasies, contact and attention.

Right…Please excuse me now—got to watch the third season of “House of cards.”

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