Tonight’s menu: sautée salmon with a spaghetatta in a Bechamel sauce of Mascarpone and Hearts of Palms

Spaghetatta con salmon y salsa Bechamela de palmitos

These are the basic elements for the deliciously creamy Bechamel sauce with Mascarpone cheese and Hearts of Palms that we bought at the Mary Brickell Village Publix last week.

Elementos para la spaghetattaAnd this is the end result. A simple dish with just four easy stages. Ideal for the dummies in the kitchen like moi. Unfortunately we had to postpone the launching of our You Tube page about homemade cooking due to the logistical débâcle provoked by the pandemic. However, we are already making all the preparations in stride for sometime in the Fall.

Bon apétit! Buon apetitto! Buen apetito!

Spaghetatta con salmon y salsa Becahmel de palmitos