The best transgressions always come au pair

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good evening. After a long, productive day, writing at our desk, we decided to prepare some supper for the crew. Honestly, we were hoping that they would be satisfied with the delicious soup that we prepared in the morning. Moreover, we had already made a transgression with the loaded burgers we had prepared earlier. Remember them?

But Life is never quite that easy, isn’t it? They adamantly refused to even consider it and demanded a nice TV snack.

Therefore we prepared these sandwiches of River Plate-inspired veal scalopini (milanesas) with plenty of veggies, ham and mozzarella cheese in a freshly baked loaf of peasant’s bread (we can’t escape our down-to-Earth origins)

However, we have a terrible doubt that gnaws at our self-confidence…Do you think they’ll like these contents, eh?

Ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served in front of the TV for a change. Let’s watch Tehran on Apple TV together.

Bon apétit!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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