Does a Parallel Universe really exist?

We must thank Gian Luca, our son, for bringing this material to our attention.

There are various intriguing phenomena that we may now consider as being part of the practical dustbin of “the supernatural”. which go against the accepted scientific evidence, and thus are summarily dismissed as “not serious” by the public media.  However, we must remember that humans first observed some “weird” physical events before finding the proper scientific explanation, i.e. Newton’s falling apple. There might be others waiting for the right kind of proofs to confirm or refute them. The existence of one—or several—parallel universe(s) is precisely a case in point.

In a New Scientist interview of Dr. Peter Gorham, working in the NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Antenna (ANITA), the expert said that they had found evidence that some neutrinos—high-energy particles—were coming up—and not down—from the Earth’s surface, as the laws of gravity would indicate; it happened in 2016 and 2018. Together with his colleagues of the IceCube project, they watched a giant balloon full of antennas hover above the frozen landscape to measure any landing particles. A subsequent press release said: “ When the ANITA events were detected, the main hypotheses were an astrophysical explanation (like an intense neutrino source), a systematics error (like not accounting for something in the detector), or physics beyond the Standard Model.” They said that it could a case of “exotic physics” (sic)

In their peer-reviewed paper on this issue, the IceCube group of scientists said: “we test the hypothesis that these events are astrophysical in origin, possibly caused by a point source in the reconstructed direction. Given that any ultra-high-energy tau neutrino flux traversing the Earth should be accompanied by a secondary flux in the TeV-PeV range, we search for these secondary counterparts in seven years of IceCube data using three complementary approaches. In the absence of any significant detection, we set upper limits on the neutrino flux from potential point sources. We compare these limits to ANITA’s sensitivity in the same direction and show that an astrophysical explanation of these anomalous events under standard model assumptions is severely constrained regardless of source spectrum.”

The mendacious use of a euphemism like “severely constrained” is a lame attempt to hide what is starkly obvious: with the present tools, scientist cannot understand it.

At the time of the Bing Bang—which created our universe—did another universe appear that is the mirror image of ours? A space where positive is negative, left is right, and time is running backwards? Can we hop into it to go back in our History?

Do you remember the clock going backwards in the opening scene of The Twilight Zone?

Note. The featured image depicts the great actor Lee Marvin in the 7th episode of the Third Season of one of the most memorables series of American TV, The Twilight Zone. Our family anxiously awaited for each new episode to air in Canal 4 of Montevideo. In those quaint times, families clustered around a single TV set to share the communal experience. We gawked, we laughed, we cried, we screamed together. All together.

And we were so much happier.

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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