Our greatgrandchildren Mario and Luka were born !!!

Dear readers, listeners and fellow bloggers:

Good morning and Happy Sunday. A few days ago Mario and Luka, the gorgeous twin sons of mother Kristy Pilbeam, daughter of our sister Mary Pilbeam, were born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. When we were 17 years old, we had the privilege of earning a full scholarship to study as a Foreign Exchange Student for six months in Portage, Michigan; the Morton family hosted us and we have kept close over the years. Jim and Mary Morton had three daughters: Mary, Faye and Tricia.

The one closes to Katie’s hand is Mario and the other one is Luka. The one below is Mario.

And this is one is Luka.

Seems incredible that, without being a grandfather yet as both our children are still single, we had the blessing of having great-grandchildren. Welcome to this difficult world, brave twin navigators. Congratulations to their parents, Katie and Jaime, for bringing New Life to this World.

After two years of this horrible pandemic, that has taken so many dear relatives and friends away from us, we are craving for the renewed hope in Mankind that these creatures bring us. Hooray!!!

Thank you God Almighty for granting us the privilege of watching these two marvelous creatures.

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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