Happy Passover to our Jewish relatives and friends

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Tonight, on Wednesday April 8th 2012, when the first star appears in the sky, the First Seder of Passover will occur and the Jewish people will celebrate their massive escape from their indenture to the Pharaoh in Egypt and their arrival in the Promised Land. For a whole week they will not eat any food with chametz (leaven) in honor of their ancestors who, skedaddling from their homes in a hurry to join the exodus, could not wait for their bread to properly leaven and took it unusually flat to use it as sustenance.

This picture shows our dear son Gian Luca when he visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem last year thanks to a marvelous group trip organized by Birthright Israel , with the company of outstanding youngsters. He was (and still is) assiduously praying for all of us, which we certainly need in these terrible times.

May God Almighty have mercy on all of us and lead us through this worldwide ordeal.

Chag Pesach samech

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