Celebrating our blessings with Flor de Parrillada !!!

Dear readers, listeners and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. yesterday we had a family lunch with a superb array of grilled meats and vegetables, what we jokingly refer as a Flor de Parrillada in the River Plate (a Fabulous Meat/Veggies Grilling) And we had many reasons to celebrate as our two children are already well positioned in the careers of their choosing and we are certain they will keep their mother Mary and myself extremely proud.

This was the initial line up of the barbecue. From your Left to your Right, you are seeing first the red peppers and potatoes, which were previously boiled for half an hour to assure its tenderness, then in the upper part a big flank steak drizzled with our special non-acidic chimichurri and a large piece of a center loin pork belly, down you are seen the famous chorizos (mixed beef and pork sausages) and the unforgettable morcillas (boudin noirs) followed by more of the same. And it ended up like this:

The table is ready and you are warmly encouraged to share it with us. Vamos todo(a)s a la mesa !!!

Buen provecho !!!

Stay distant. Stay distant. Stay beautiful.

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