We should all pitch in for this extreme world crisis

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good morning and Happy Sunday. Today Mankind at large is experiencing one of the worst tragedies in our modern history, comparable only to some of the Middle Ages. The pandemia of Covid-19 infection that is gripping most nations of the planet has produced millions of infected people and thousands of deaths in just the lapse of a few weeks.

The image you can see in this blog was taken by my dear friend Wilson when he picked me up a few days ago after an exhausting tour of duty in a Miami care facility. You can only see my eyes but I am sure most of you can discern the extreme sense of urgency that I, as well as thousands and thousands of other indefatigable health care providers, carry around to stimulate us in our daily grind. This is a time when those that are committed for patient care should step up their efforts, setting aside all other personal and professional concerns. We should all pitch in for this extreme world crisis.

For all those of you that are cloistered in their homes for precaution or even under the harsh parameters of a quarantine, we warmly extend our most sincere solidarity. Moreover, please rest assured that we will eventually overcome this dire situation. With the continued effort of all the devoted health care professionals, the pharmaceutical and technological assets at our disposition and the sustained cooperation of the population at large to observe the social distancing, we will stem the tide of this threatening disease.

May God Almighty continue to protect our families and ourselves in these dark times.

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