Uruguay’s Number One football fan in Miami, Florida, USA

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Good morning. Today the Uruguayan football team is playing Ghana in the qualifying rounds of the Quatar World Cup. We are winning 2 to 0 in the beginning of the second half.

As the character played by Guillermmo Francella, in the 2009 Oscar award-winning film “The Secret in their Eyes“, explained with the most famous movie phrase about football:

¿Te das cuenta, Benjamín? El tipo puede cambiar de todo: de cara, de casa, de familia, de novia, de religión, de Dios. Pero hay una cosa que no puede cambiar, Benjamín, no puede cambiar de pasión

(Do you realize, Benjamin? The guy can change everything: his house, his family, his girlfriend, his religion, his God. But there is one thing that he cannot change, Benjamin, he cannot change his passion)

He was referring to a fugitive from the law that had changed identity and hid away from his family, after assassinating a young housewife that he had known since childhood.


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