Salmone con pomodoro, pepperoni ed cipolla

Dear readers, listeners and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. Last night we felt a little tired after studying and working the whole day and needed some comfort food quickly. Instead of getting some junk food, we took a different pathway. We found some fresh salmon in our fridge and we decided to prepare a delicious dish with nutritious vegetables  that took us only 15 minutes to complete. We hereby present the fresh, juicy salmon steak ( do not overcook it as it will lose all its nutrients) with some sautée onions, and red peppers in a tomato sauce. Here is the final dish.

We paired it with a bottle of Mahou, the great Spanish beer, which is one of our all-time favorites, and we sat down to eat it in peace on a small table in front of the TV news.

The dish was so good that we even received a Papal Benediction. As if Pope Francis were talking to us at the end of  his Sunday Homily, we heard his words: “Buon pranzo.”

Buon appetito!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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