Old Fashioned Mood Booster

Dear readers, listeners, and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. After a pause of almost two months from our longstanding blogging and podcasting endeavors, we confess that we feel a little lazy to resume our tasks. What should we do to boost our energies? Pondering this issue, we remember how our dear grandmother Yolanda and our mother Gladys used to re-energize us when we were feeling down due to a childhood disease, an excess of scholarly duties, etc. They dutifully went to the friendly quarter’s butcher shop and bought liver steaks. They prepared it very simple with just a little salt and plenty of parsley on a grill.

As you can see in the picture above, we emulated our Italian American ancestors and did just the same last week when we happened to come across some nice liver steaks in the Presidente Supermarket of West Brickell in Miami. Fortunately, that bustling quarter of Miami has lately become the market zouk of this multicultural and multiethnic modern Casablanca of the Americas, with varied produce choices.

You are cordially invited to share our homemade prescription for Nostra Fiacca.

Buon appetito!!!

Thank you, Presidente Supermarket, for taking us back to our happy childhood.

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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