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Good morning. We have been horrified by the criminal bombardment of a nuclear reactor in Ukraine by the invading Russians, which could have triggered a nuclear catastrophe threatening all of us. Moreover, the infamous Foreign Affairs Minister of the Russian Federation argued that the Third World War III could be nuclear and involve all of Mankind. How irresponsibly can politicians become?

Watching and hearing all these barbaric acts should make all the decent citizens react in earnest. We, the intellectuals, should not play dumb and we must join the democratic forces of the World. We must speak loud and clear, without any fallaciously pharisaic “middle ground stances” that camouflage the issue in this war: the shameful Russian grab of land by force against a neighbor.

Our dear Father Mario always emphasized to us that the intelligentsia of any modern society had the duty to speak out against abuse of innocent people and the onslaught of authoritarianism. He narrated to us many instances of the Spanish Civil War, which was the tragic preamble of the triumph of Fascism in European societies. One of his favorite anecdotes was the face-off between Miguel de Unamuno , a college professor, and Millán Astray, the ferocious Legion’s commander.

Note. This image of Miguel de Unamuno was taken form Wikimedia Images.

Miguel de Unamuno was born on September 29, 1864 in Bilbao, Basque Country, and passed away on December 31, 1939, in Salamanca, Spain. He was an essayist, novelist, poet, playwright, philosopher, professor of Greek language and the Classics, and President of Salamanca University. On October 12, 1936, barely three months after the Spanish Civil War had started, there was a celebration of Columbus day in the amphitheater of the University of Salamanca with the assistance of the city Archbishop, Carmen Polo, Franco’s wife, José Millán-Astray, founder and first commander of the Spanish Legion, and Miguel de Unamuno himself. In the middle of the ceremony, someone form the public assisting it shouted Viva la Muerte (Up with Death) which was the Legion’s motto.

Millán-Astray retorted España and they replied Una (only one) Millán-Astray upped the ante by repeating España which was followed by Grande (big) Finally Millán-Astray said for a last time España, which was echoed by a Libre (free) Image the consternation of the public present with this display of raw machismo and disdain for the intellectual principles of democratic co-existence.

Miguel de Unamuno slowly rose up and addressed the crowd from his Presidency’s lectern:

“You are waiting for my words. You know me well and you knw that I cannot remain silent for long. Sometimes to remain silent is to lie, since silence can be interpreted as assent…But now I have heard this insensitive and necrophilous oath: Viva la Muerte and I, having spent my life writing paradoxes that have provoked the ire of those who do not understand what I have written, and being an expert in this matter, find this ridiculous paradox repellent. General Millán-Astray’s a cripple…So was Cervantes. But unfortunately Spain today has too many cripples. And if God does not help us, so it will have many more. It torments me to think that General Millán-Astray will dictate the norms of the psychology of the masses.”

We are now witnessing the barbaric invasion of Ukraine, a pacific country who had given up its arsenal of nuclear arms when the Soviet Union dissolved, by the aggressive Russian Regime.

All the honest intellectuals must speak out against the barbarians, like Miguel de Unamuno did.

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Dear readers, listeners and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. At this precise moment the Ukrainian servicemen and citizens’ militiamen and militiawomen are tenaciously fighting in the streets of Kiev and other major cities to fend off the brutal invasion of a free country by the Russian forces. They are fighting for their right to chose how they manage their country with democratic institutions and accountability under the law.  The major ideological division in the planet now is not between the Right and the Left sides of the political spectrum, as it used to be when were political militants in Montevideo, Uruguay, fifty years ago. It is between countries with functioning democracies and those with autocratic regimes like Russia.

We have always being very reluctant to discuss Politics in our space. But this is very different. The very concept of our Western Democratic societies is at risk if we let these barbarians win this war. The Russian regime, in a throwback to the 18th century, decided to grab the land of a neighbor.

Our new podcast “No pasarán” is now live at anchor.fm/dr-mario-o-laplume

Note. This poster of the Spanish Civil War was taken from Wikimedia Commons.

In the Spanish Civil War, all the political parties represented in the Quinta República, which paradoxically included the Stalinist Communist Party too, resisted fiercely against the Fascist invaders. One of the most beautiful songs of this epic resistance was “Si me quieres escribir, ya sabes mi paradero”, (if you want to write to me, you already know my whereabouts) we sang with all our fellow Badass fellow student militants in the barricades of Montevideo in the 1970s, We  recently discovered a great interpretation of Marta Valero and the Quartet Brossa. Here is the link.

No matter how powerful the Russian military machine is, they will not break the Ukrainians’ spirit.

Sadly, just as we were finally leaving the horrors of this two years pandemic, we now have a barbaric war of attrition reminiscent of the Middle Ages in the very heart of Europe.  Ukraine is Europe.

In Europe there are four or five nationalities that just LOVE TO FIGHT and Ukrainians are one of them. Even if the Russian war machine defeats their military and occupy their cities, thousands of Ukrainians will pass into clandestine mode to join a long guerrilla war against the occupiers. In the middle of Ukraine are the Southern Steppes that the czars gave the Cossacks to settle down in gratitude for their services. The name Cossack comes from the Turkic kazak which means “free man.” Does anyone doubt that the Cossacks will defend their homeland until the last drop of blood?

Moreover, the Foreign Secretary of Britain just announced that the UK government will support any Britons that want to join the fight in Ukraine. That is precisely how the International Brigades started to assemble in 1936 to defend the Spanish Republic against the Fascists, a great heroic saga. None other than Ernest Hemingway extolled their bravery in his epic novel For Whom the Bells Toll.




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