Post-pandemic Trinity effect

This article was excerpted from the chapter Epilogue – What do women want from our soon-to-be-published new book Emotional Frustration – the hushed plague.

“Can you fly that thing?” Neo said, pointing at a parked helicopter.

-“Not yet” Trinity replied. She takes off her glasses and picks her Cel.

-“Operator…I need a pilot program for a B-21-2 helicopter…Hurry.”

In the other end, the operator maniacally clicks his keyboard a few times.

She closes her eyes for a few seconds while her eyelashes suavely flutter.

 Suddenly she opens her eyes and commands to Neo: “Let’s go.”  

In that memorable scene of The Matrix [i], the central characters are quickly aided by Artificial Intelligence to flee the pounding pursuit of the malevolent Mr. Smith. In that vein, we can watch now that people who were barely able to send e-mails before are now turning experts in tele-conferencing and phone applications. Skills that used to be the preserve of the Millennials and highly educated nerds are seeping into other socio-economic strata that used to shun them, including the Old. There might be empirical evidence that a glaring gender gap is spawning.

Recently une femme d’une certaine âge [ii] told us that she had found solace from the forced distancing from family and friends by using WhatsApp chatgroups and Zoom conferences. “And your husband?” we asked. “Forget it,” she shot back.

As some distrait men keep stubbornly yearning for their Past, most women are already daringly colonizing our Future.


[ii] Euphemism used in the French language to delicately refer to “an older lady.”

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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