Symbology in Tarot – Major Arcana part X

Today we will be discussing “The Moon” and “The Sun.”

XVII – The Moon

This card speaks of experiences that take place under the light of the Moon or in the Subconscious: dreams, trespasses, sexuality, animal instincts and fears, confessions, illusions crimes, etc. It shows two animals barking at the Moon :the Wolf represents the Wilderness, and the Dog the Domesticated Wilderness. The Moon is a conduit for our instincts and our animal nature; it also speaks of our intuition and spirituality but also our capacity for cruelty. There are two windowless towers that represent Entrapment and the Unknown; in the middle there is a Road of Life that leads to still unbeknownst directions, and the emerging lobster represents our mind that is starting its Conscious journey through Life.

Upright Moon

Meg Hayertz said: “the Moon, at its worst, codependent or abusive relationship patterns learned in childhood and other terrible certainties such as deep-set illusions of loneliness and expectations of violence, that reside in the core of our consciousness. If you have pulled the moon, you may be experiencing a crisis of faith or a dark night of the soul—but also your animalistic survival instinct and drive that will pull you through to meet the daylight.” The number 18 represents a journey into our vulnerability and the unknown, even some mystery of our life unfolding. The added digits give out 9, the symbol of positive thinking, success, and abundance. “Why do I always fall into these toxic sentimental relationships?” This card makes us reflect at some old patterns that might have been embedded in our Conscious and/or subconscious minds during childhood. Gently, explore your own inner self. This card is associated with Piscis, the zodiac sign of healing, intuition, intimacy, and boundaries. Its supporting card is The Hermit (solitude, reflection, and intuition) and the opposing card is The Emperor (stability but also rigidity, lack of fluidity)

Reversed Moon

This reversed card means that you are ignoring your Subconscious and you are not “listening  to your gut.” It’s time to wake up. It’s time to finally find some healing. Biddy Tarot said: “The Moon Reversed indicates that you have been dealing with illusions, fears, and anxieties, and now the negative influences of these energies are subsiding. You are working through your fears and anxieties, understanding the impact they have on your life and how you can free yourself from such limiting beliefs.”

Note. This reproduction of a statue of Selene, the Moon Goddess was taken from Wikimedia Images.

Philosophical significance

Please read our previous article in this series titled Gravitational Influence of the Moon” 

XIX – The Sun

This card represents the Joy that the Sun naturally brings to all of us. If you have pulled this card, you may experience the same spontaneous, carefree joy that a child has with a new toy or experience. After a period of Uncertainty, the Sun comes out. It is time to enjoy our families, our marriage, our friendships, our successes, etc. The sunflowers represent growth, beauty, and spiritual accomplishments; the red banner is a symbol of vitality. As you are glowing with brightness, people will be drawn to you because you are a very positive influence in their lives. You lead by example. Biddy Tarot said: “it is calling to your inner child to come out and play.”

Upright Sun

No matter how hard the times you are going through may appear, you will eventually succeed to overcome them with bright positive energy taken from The Sun. And people will appreciate your positive, constructive attitude to solve problems at work, in your family, in your community, etc. You will be asked to share that bounty of positive energy with other people around you; you promote change for the good. In Numerology the number 19 expresses clarity triumphing over uncertainty; when we add the two digits, we obtain 10 , which is the number of endings and beginnings. The supporting cards are The World and the Six of Wands; the opposing cards are The Tower and the Nine of Swords.

Reversed Sun

When the card appears Reversed, it might mean that you are about to lose something that is precious to you. Watch out. Keep an eye out for trouble. Change, if necessary. Moreover, you might be working too hard and dedicating little time for family affairs or friends; relax, take time off and play with your loved ones as Life is very short. Perhaps you experienced too many setbacks lately and you are very depressed. This card always brings positive influences. Shake your torpor off and engage Life in full.

Note. This reproduction of a Face statue of Plato was taken from Wikimedia Commons.

Philosophical significance

In the Analogy of the Sun, Plato imagines a dialogue between Glaucon (his elder brother) and Socrates (narrated by the latter) where they claim that there is a clear analogy. Socrates claims that the Sun is “a child of goodness” whose illuminated rays shed light on the Truth, discarding the chaff from what is really essential to us. According to Plato, The Good sheds light on Reality, allowing us to see clearly, using not only our physical sense of vision but also our mind, for a fuller picture. The metaphor of the Sun is a good example of the interconnection of metaphysics and epistemology: the interpretations of our existence create—and are created—by ways of knowing. It also blends Plato’s rationalism and realism about universal truths.

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