Che cosa ti ha portato La Befana?

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Today is the Day of the Epiphany when millions of children everywhere will get up early at dawn to eagerly find out what the Three Magi Kings left in their shoes the previous night. We still remember our excitement, and the one of our children, when we discovered a toy, a jersey or a book in them. (we confess that we then preferred the toys)

In Western Christianity, this day celebrates the time when the Three Magi Kings arrived at the humble manger where the baby Jesus Christ was lying in his crib, surrounded by the reverent animals all around. Jesus Christ was born.

Note – This image of Filippino Lippi’s Adoration of the Magii was taken from Wikimedia Commons

However, this religious feast has a parallel pagan counter-story in the Italian Peninsula where children are waiting for a dubious character called La Befana to show up with presents. Please visit our previous article on the subject.

Che cosa ti ha portato la Befana?

(What has the Befana brought you?)

Today we are all asking that same question. Moreover, we discreetly wish that, besides bringing toys and other presents on her way in, this feisty witch will take this terrible pandemic away on her way back flying on her broom to her isolated cave somewhere. We need all the help we can get to save us from this dire threat to Mankind’s survival.

Happy Three Kings Day!

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